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  • Good, you? And no, I'm from Inverness, and if you look at the member map you shall see ;)

    Please try not to piss on my fire again, please?
    Hey Dash, Got the chance to see Bolt a few days ago. Good movie! I really need to start being more open minded when it comes to Disney movies.
    (Sorry I couldn't fit this all into one message)

    I wish I could say the same on making remixes; some songs just can't work (for me that is). I'm trying to think of one off the top of my head, but nothing comes up : / BTW, how long would you say you've been doing this?
    Haha! I know exactly what you mean with the ID thing ; ) LAX is awesome; ohh the memories...

    I haven't visited Magic Mountain in a long time; gosh, I think I was 14 last I went. Had a good time, and I've heard its pretty much the same; you guys should have fun. Huntington can get pretty crazy from what I've heard...I've only visited a couple times...

    When you're referring to the newest Z4, do you mean this one? That's the latest one I've seen; it is a NICE car. My Merc is a 560 SL; I have to say, she's pretty nice. Sure, she isn't a SLK or Mclaren, but she runs pretty darn well. : ) And what do you mean only the older generation drive Mercs in Scotland?! : O Wait till you see LA; every OTHER car is a Merc or a Beemer...
    Dude, that's crazy haha! Luxor pretty cool; be wary though. A lot of places/clubs at the Luxor are SUPER strict about checking ID's, like Noir and LAX, if that's what you guys are going to do haha! : P LA outdoes Seattle by a lot FYI; there's so much stuff going on there its ridiculous. What are you guys thinking about doing? : )

    Z4's are sexy little cars dude haha! Always liked those too, but I love my benz (why I'm biased towards them hehe) : ) Beemers are far more reliable than benz though...

    Most of the time I do weddings (it is a good source of income!) and I just got a radio DJ internship with a jazz station, but other than that, i do freelance. There aren't many places I can go because I'm underage, but I get around that though ; ) Mostly just some parties for now. And yes! I will post it when I'm done... if I'll ever get done (ugh...school). I want to hear some of yours too : D I know you said you haven't remixed in a long time, but what's your most recent?
    It is absolutley fantastic, even on my AE 2.1 speakers it sounds fantastic. And on the big speakers, just orgasmic. I can't wait til I get to uni (Edinburgh hopefully)
    Hey Dash : ) Nothing really new here; I too am destressing from school work haha! It sux that tomorrow's Monday... : P

    Woo convertibles! It rains a lot in Scotland, so you got to be careful with leaving ur top down : P I'm biased towards Mercedes, but Beemers and Audis are great cars too. What models u thinking about buying?

    Seattle was amazing! One of the coolest places I've visited in a long time. They have a good music scene there; can't wait to go back...

    And yep, I DJ in grand ole Las Vegas [you should def. visit some time; it can get crazy ; )]I mix mostly hip hop, RnB, and electro house. Working on a remix of Nelly Furtado's "Say it Right" right now actually hehe : )
    BTW how's shopping for the new car? : D
    Thank soooooo much for that song recommendation you left on my thread, I only got round to reading it just now. Thanks again.
    Hey, sorry for taking a while to respond back : P

    Yea, just vacation pretty much; was a pretty good trip. What's new with you?
    Happy 666th post! *throws Danzig themed party*
    Not really plans - but a rough outline of some things I wanna do. Cruising. Cinema. Gigs. Road trips... did the East Coast today for no reason besides the sunshine - Home, to Dundee, to St. Andrews, down the coast to Burntisland, and back home - then to Glasgow to see the Mission District. Happy times. What about you?

    Oooh, psychology. One of my friends does that at St. Andrews, and someone I know from high school is doing it at Napier. I think it would be a lot more interesting than like, theology and religious studies n stuff - but then I guess that's just my preference.
    Either way, I'm sure you'll make the right decision =]
    Yeh, I went in to one of the buildings, but we ended up in the horrible old wood panelled draughty lecture room. Ick!

    I wanna go to Edinburgh or Aberdoom to do divinity, or Dundee or Napier to do Psychology. I'm still deciding which, but I don't have much longer to decide!!! Eek!!

    Got any nice plans for the Easter hols?
    Ahh Abertay :) I went to an open day there. The library was nice. We had to run around looking for certain books, and my team won so we got... a keyring :O

    I'm sure it will. I'm actually working so it's looking good!

    Oooh computer arts. Is that like... making pictures on computers? Or... internety stuff?
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