Two elephants fell off a cliff. Boom boom!

Music, Film, and House Parties :]
Scotland, UK
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Morning! :]

I'm Dash!
Been a member here since 2007 - back in the day of TBDL - and absolutely don't regret the decision to be part of this.
I'm all for having a laugh and the occasional bantz... try not to take everything seriously :) except my career and my girlfriend (suspect I wouldn't have either if I didn't!)

I have many interests and hobbies and such - too many to list. But if it's to do with music or film or stage or cars or technical stuff, I'm always game!

If you want to get to know me or have a chat or whatever, PM me or leave me a profile message thingy or something.

I'thank you,

D. xxx


Before you criticise someone walk a mile in their shoes; so that when you do, you'll not only be a mile away... you'll have their shoes!
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