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  • If you want to get something cine-like, the Canon C100 has a stunning picture. But it all depends what you need. I mostly do ENG, and a camera without a proper TV lens and with too many "accessories" you need to drag around all the time to get a decent shot is a handicap in those situations. If, instead, you're more into cine-like productions I can see your point. The 70D has part of its electronics being taken directly from the C100, so it should be pretty good for shooting video for its price, and of course it's a very good photo camera too.

    I saw your post about your BMW, I remember you had a Punto at some point, quite the upgrade you did there :p Cars and video equipment have one thing in common though: they both lose their value at the speed of light!
    I tried the BMD pocket thing for the backstage of an event I did and... oh gosh -.- It's not even worth being called a video camera!! :biggrin: I mean, it's cheap, and cool if you want to play around with "cine-like" shots a bit, but, like DSLRs, unless you always have a lot of time to set up each shot, and invest a lot of money for equipment to put around it - at which point you'd rather get a "proper" video camera xD - I found it pretty useless. Hell, I even had to go through the menu for the simplest operations like a white balance change... But maybe it's me being old-fashioned and still thinking that the best tool for making video is a *video* camera, not some crazily-tricky-to-use thing :D
    Cuz now your profile says you're a "multimedia designer", being multimedia a broader field than just video :p Just curious towards which areas of multimedia you evolved ^^

    I remember you had the FX1, did you get a newer replacement, maybe a DSLR according to the latest trend for shooting videos?

    Yup, I'm still in the business, just had 2 really full months! I still have my Z5, getting soon an Atomos recorder to attach to it for when I need to record directly on files, although I still find tapes to be more practical in many situations. Most colleagues have switched to P2, but the downsides to Panasonic cameras (such as horrible image stabilization, flatter image and very low battery life) have kept me from doing so myself. I'm tempted to get a Canon 70D though to tinker a bit with DSLR video without spending a fortune, and have a good photo camera too at the same time :)
    *pokes* Hey! Glad to see you back posting! How are your video productions going? I see you broadened your work spectrum to the whole "multimedia" field :)
    Hey Dash, thanks for the friend request, I would have accepted it sooner but have been working allot lately, how have you been ^_^?
    Very welcome.

    I got the image from Google too, but I use the largest base image I can find there since they usually have the most clarity.

    I use Free Online Image Editor to convert, crop and transparent if I need to. Nowt fancy. :)

    Because I have too much time on my hands...

    I made a version of your avatar that's a little less fuzzy:

    or with a transparent background:

    Good it was alright, im sorry you where ill though, hope the illness dosent get too bad around there, nah i didnt do anything, didnt even drink , just didnt want to i suppose. Yeah it feel's like it's taking forever to find something, im thinking of going back to college if i have no succes soon, thank's i will stick at it for a while longer, i hope so cause that would be great . ^_^
    oh how to train youre dragon is a great film ;)
    Hello ^_^ thank you, Happy New Year to you too, aah okay, sorry you lost VIP status, its good to see you back :), ive been okay thank's, just trying to find a good paying job now but no luck so far, but i'll keep searching, how about youreself? did you have a good Christmas/New Year?
    Hi nice to meet you I'm Kirstie. Yeah it is coll that there are so meany Scots here :)
    Hello, it's okay, youre welcome, glad to hear youre doing well :) what's hive till five ? sorry never heard of fringe. Im not that good thank's, my problem's with my family have actually got worse and I'm now depressed, also my work is cutting down hour's so I have that to worry about aswell. :(
    Hehe, hello Dash, yep im scottish :D it's nice to meet you, good to see you on the forums too :) havent been on much though because im having some family problem's right now, yeah im a dude lol :p How are you ?
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