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  • lol CA has alot of duelists
    Then again :p we are nearer to Japan
    and do get a crap load of cards and we have a heavy population of kids who play
    o_O rarely have i seen one who can challenge my Fabled Deck
    though no one has beaten my Life-Burning Deck which im transforming into a Life Stream Dragon/Ancient Fairy Dragon Hybrid X3
    and i made my Fabled Synchro Anti Opponent Synchro o_O with a synchro that stops all them synchros and can be the one to kill exceeds
    Ahh the bloody plant deck >.>
    my friend made a good one that got me in tight spots at times
    nothing my Fabled couldnt handle though o_O
    No hand no set traps spell or even monsters i stop any move possible
    yeah i bet you do :p
    but i dont trade online you know
    o_O hmmm been itching for a new deck but meh gotta give up the hobby this year
    i have a crapload of Lonefires and the only Lightsworns i have are Judgment Dragons :p
    i mostly buy cards seperately so i build my decks quickly and rarely get packs for random
    :p the Extreme Victory pack gave me a Life Stream Dragon Ult Rare
    Lol Lonefires are pretty cheap a quarter for each if i remember right and yeah i dont play as much either :p
    Lightsworns what a evil self milling deck nothing a simple RMP Beast Deck cant handle XD
    XD We share a similar Yugioh Deck :p
    Fallen Angel's Revenge(Also known as a Fabled Deck)
    Except mine is a Fabled-World Synchro
    ^^ Darkness is the way to light
    I do, unfortunatly im on my itouch rite now waiting at the drs office, only thing i can talk on right now
    Oooh i see, a bit confused though, r u being babysat(in like ab mode) or are you like sick/tired/etc?
    Eww that sucks, if it makes u feel better lol i am now kinda doing the same thing, waiting on other people sucks:(
    I just woke up, nice sleep, i love sleep, i was watchin Suite Life of Zack and Cody last night till I woke up, what u doing on this fine morning?:)
    Yay yay, i love new friends, so wut u up 2 this late? Its very late on this neck of the woods:)
    Hi dani! Yes, I remember you from the guild. Sorry for the confusion, heh. I don't really go on gaia much anymore, though, since I decided to give up my position as a mod and Tam flipped shit.
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