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    PSA: Don't colorize your posts

    Yeah, WebAIM isn't really the best example of accessible design with aesthetic in mind, there are much better examples of that. Their checklist is useful and easy to understand, especially when compared to the official standards Agreed. I've not really used those...
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    PSA: Don't colorize your posts

    If you really want to dive into accessibility, there are whole standards for that on the web: You're allowed to use color and still be accessible, you just need to be aware of the contrast ratios and such.
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    New Mermaid Tales - 7000ml capacity diapers from Rearz Inc.

    I would say their shipping is mostly discrete, their boxes usually have labels on the sides like "M-11" for the XL size Mermaids or "NP-11" for the XL size of the revised Princess diapers. The top flaps of the boxes tend to have a size and quantity per package indicator (XL12 in the case of both...
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    New Mermaid Tales - 7000ml capacity diapers from Rearz Inc.

    I've always had to readjust Hook and Loop diapers after a few hours, maybe it's my rotund build, but I've always had to do that, at least with Barnyards, BunnyHops, Camelots and now Mermaids. I wore one overnight last night and it held up quite well, no leaks!
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    PSA - Don't take diapers out of the trash, the Canadian police will find you!

    I must've missed this, what did this guy do?
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    PSA - Don't take diapers out of the trash, the Canadian police will find you!

    It's always great to see this kind of stuff in the news.
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    Anyone use diapers while gaming?

    Diapers are great for long gaming sessions, I play with some friends a few days each week for 5-8 hour sessions, nothing like being able to drink as much water or whatever as you want without having to take constant breaks. As for clothes and pacifiers, I occasionally wear a onesie, but not...
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    Same Diaper ? Rearz Overnight & Tykables Waddle Cut

    I think at this point nearly every premium diaper only differs in print from another company. A big difference between the New Rearz Princess and Tykables is also the hook and loop tapes (which I assume to be a simple change on a machine?). I wish more ABDL companies would talk about how this...
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    What is your largest order of diapers?

    Does it have to be all in one order? Over the past two months I have bought 1 case of Bunnyhopps, 1 case of Lil Bellas, 2 cases of the new Rearz Princess, 2 cases Northshore Megamax Pink, just want to be stocked up for the winter!
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    New Pampers Swaddlers Wipes? Apparently lavender scented, not worth the markup if you ask me.
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    Diaper design preferences

    I'd say we need more designs like ABU's BunnyHopps, 2-4 tapes with modern baby diaper designs (2 tapes are not the greatest for fit, but they are fun for the aesthetic/play). I love the Bunnyhopps because they look like something a real baby would be put into. Really at this point, the...
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    Girly abdl diapers?

    All the other brands I named are.
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    Girly abdl diapers?

    You won't find licensed themes, but ABU BunnyHopz, Tykables Unicorns, Rearz Princess, Rearz Lil' Bella, Cuddlz Rainbow, If you're OK buying some butterfly stickers or something, you could buy the Pink Northshore Megamax and add stickers. ABU UK: Cuddlz...
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    How do you dispose of your diapers?

    I use disposal bags like this: which not only help with odor control, but provide a bit of privacy with diapers as the bags are opaque (this doesn't work as well with all over printed...
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    Introducing the NEW Princess Pink Overnight Diapers from Rearz Inc.!

    Looks like it's all sold out now, I was right on the edge of ordering, hopefully I get mine.