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    Best store/pharmacy brand adult diapers?

    As for pull-ups I’ve found that the kroger overnights are the best absorbency pants I’ve used.
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    What will it be like ordering diapers now in cities that are on on lockdown?

    Good luck. I turned retard and stocked up for a few weeks right before all this mess.
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    Affordable thick diapers

    I know you didn’t say pull-ups but for a store bought adult pull-up, the Kroger overnight ones are by far the best I’ve found, and very cheap! $8 for 16 pair. I stocked up on them because who knows what’s going to go on with this big mess in the world right now, I’m good for 6 weeks.
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    Who is diapered every night?

    I am every night. Wife will make me, she doesn’t want to wake up to a wet bed. Been every night for at least a few years, and 24/7 for 2-3 years, can’t remember exactly. It has become an addiction if you will.... during the day anyway, necessary to wear at night.
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    Attends: a tragedy

    I’d get the overnight ones. They work a lot better!
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    youth pants?

    The L/XL Medline Drytimes are my favorite pants I’ve used so far,(haven’t tried any premium stuff yet) they fit great, absorb decently and they easily last wearing all day. Unlike adult “underwear” which are way too big for me, these aren’t way over my waist line. A whole lot more discreet. Have...
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    Question for DL's with kids

    My kids know about it for sure. They see it almost daily. They know it’s just who I am, I wear to bed, hell, for the last couple years I’ve worn almost 24/7. A couple days of not, but I regret it, so it’s just worth it to wear all day everyday. I don’t know if it’s wrong to be in a T-shirt and...
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    Pull-ups... what do you find decent?

    I know a lot of you don’t like them, but for daily use They’re simple. I’m about to run out and the next shipment doesn’t come in for almost a week, so what’s some decent recommendations on some, normally I wear the XL kids ones, like goodnites, but they’re medline dry times. So small adult ones...
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    Riskiest place or time you wore

    Riskiest being at the Y in one under the swimsuit. Got a bit poofy, felt great until I got all the way in the pool, then completely submerged feels good, the concern of it being noticed because of it being so swollen up, also exploding and the sap going everywhere is the concern. Sent from my...
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    activities while diapered?

    Was swimming yesterday in one for the second time. Enjoyed it for quite awhile in tubes and slides, once it got completely submerged I could tell it was a bit much, guess plastic pants are needed. Liked the way it felt a lot, but in the back of my head wondering if anybody could see the poofy...
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    Diapered in The Bath Tes

    I've worn goodnites in a pool and shower, and the medline dry times in the shower, they hold up much better in all situations. I can't wait to try one in a pool. The only thing is they tend to swell more and may get noticed if it's a public setting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tharpist or not

    I feel like makena is just full on retard or just striving for attention. Asking the same thing constantly, horrid punctuation, spelling of a 5 year old, this is the trend I see. Drives people crazy seeing and answering the same questions from the same damn person all the time. Sent from my...
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    can we cure this fetish ?

    I think it's going to be something hard to break, if not impossible. It's bound to drive you crazy not doing so at least once in awhile. Don't feel guilty over any of it, wearing is nothing to be guilty of and who cares if it's not acceptable in society, there's a whole lot worse that people do...
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    good adult pullup.

    I have the tena overnight underwear and Kroger overnights, and the tenas seem to fit better, the Kroger ones are more absorbent. It's the first time I've ever tried adult ones, usually I have goodnites, or the medline drytime pull-ups, which are nowhere near these, but I like how they fit...
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    New Version of Goodnites.

    Yes it has.