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    Hey, nice to hear from you. Rare to find someone from the UK on here!
    Ooh Next - how upper-class! Not much really... Worked my ass off at Asda over Christmas and have been hanging on to Uni as best I can, with little success! I'm bored, unmotivated and unfulfilled, so... Bleurgh! :(

    Became an Uncle, though, so... Not all bad I guess!

    Woohoo! Go you! Get anything nice? Had a shitty weekend, really. Just worked.
    Been on me hols today, though... Scarborough - wooooo!
    I work in Asda. And it sucks. I'd rather kill myself slowly than have to work there. But... Needs must, and all that! And thanks for the book-recc... I have them piling up already - so much shit to read for my Advertising course! Kudos on considering teaching, too! I often thought I'd like to but... I dunno... It seems a pretty thankless task, ultimately! So many unruly little shits and you can't smack any of them! :tongueout:
    Ah man.... Such a puffy degree! I still maintain anyone could do it :biggrin: I've worked all weekend, unfortunately! It sucks, especially when we had nice weather up here! What kinda job do you go for exactly? With a Philosophy degree?
    Yo! Nice to meet you, too! I'm just going into my second year of Advertising! What DID you study, before joining the mass unemployed? :tongueout:
    The TB thing I'm not realy that much or a fur I just like to dress up
    Yeah there is a lot more guy. He he cool kitty pic :)
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