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    How do we have a president that is so inept?

    Ive seen his competition and its just not that good, so i am definitely expecting 4 more years. Not worried about the world coming to an end, just because of a president. Now congress the other hand, we need some new ones.
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    So im out of diapers, what would you guys order?

    Honestly, im down for any diaper right now. Trying something new isnt really a big deal, and actually like the idea of doing so.
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    So im out of diapers, what would you guys order?

    So i just finished up my order of crinklz, but wanting to try something else. Any suggestions?
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    30 oz= 887.026 ml

    Another thing is ive noticed is that the depending on how hydrated you are it seems to absorb more when your well hydrated? I will say though, its crazy obvious how much sap that they use in the crinklz. These things swell up huge.
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    Another crinklz question..... sizing wise

    I ended up going with the mediums, i measured out a molicare and the dimensions are identical.
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    Another crinklz question..... sizing wise

    So i guess the biggest thing is, I measured them out to my molicares which i dare say are about perfect for a every day wear diaper. They are very close in size within about 1/2" front to back(crinklz a little shorter) Im 6ft tall and wear a 32-34 waist size pants. I guess its weird for me...
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    Another crinklz question..... sizing wise

    So long time no see, i drop in every now and then and see whats going on. Due for some more diapers and want to try something new, and crinklz caught my eye. I usually run molicare super plus, and i tried mediums which fit pretty good. I heard that the crinklz run a little smaller so that for...
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    Ordering diapers from alibaba?

    It is what i kinda figured, doable, but may be a headache. I guess maybe if i get bored one day ill put in the effort to see about setting up an order.
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    Ordering diapers from alibaba?

    so somehow i stumbled onto alibaba(No idea how), and ended up looking up diapers(duh, lol). Anyways i found these which appear to be orderable by the case of 40 diapers I like the pink, and i...
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    Abena L4 plastic backed vs Tena slip maxi large, what would you get?

    Ill give the tena a shot, ive had m4's before. They werent bad, but the fit seemed odd. I kinda like the purple of the tena's anyhow :)
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    Abena L4 plastic backed vs Tena slip maxi large, what would you get?

    So ive been away for a while, lifes been pretty busy. Anyways ive been wanting to order some good diapers. Im kinda down to abena l4's or tena slip maxis. for those who have used them both what would you rather have?
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    my first diaper experince and an xpmedical question

    The odd thing about ordering something of that size/weight is the feeling of whats inside. It's not a feeling of like soft stuff, or a box of slightly loose multiple things. It's a semi soft cube bouncing in there. If anyone ever asked what it is I'm not sure what you could say. Discreetness...
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    Bored as hell with this

    Over the last couple years, especially as life kicks into high gear. I've noticed that its not a daily thing, it may be weekly or monthly. I've stopped for months at a time, or had diapers but they just sat. Even though it becomes further away in my life it never really "went away". Kinda...
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    SaveExpress: No more plastic-backed diapers from Abena

    I've been using molicares for a little while and must say I think id rather have m4's. the molicares are not nearly as absorbent or thick.
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    plastic back

    Out and About diapers cloth any day, I prefer plastic back for just hanging out at home :) just got my order of molicare supers and a sample of dry 24/7's and I'm pretty pumped.