annoying, addicted to Japanese culture

anime, manga, video games
  1. Diaper Lover
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Favourite diaper
Dry Nights, eventhough they leak >_>
Personal Space
Kunichiwa Watashi-wa Daisuke desu Hajimemashite! I am an Otaku and I like DNANGEL and the name Daisuke. I love manga and anime and read/ watch it all the time. I also love Jrock, my favorite bands are The Gazette, Janne Da Arc, Kagrra, Abrington boys, L' arc en ciel, ect. I also listen to solo Jrock singers. I am very interested in anything Japanese especaully (sp) the Japanese culture. My favorite Japanese food is Sushi and my favorite Japanese drink is Ramune. I would like to try ramen sometime. I am also a gamer and love to play Japanese games. My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Sonic, (somewhat) mario, and some others that just crossed my mind >_<.

My dream is to move to Japan and become a mangaka and create a manga with anime based on my manga. But I have a secret, I am a TB/DL but I haven't warn diapers before except when I was 4. ( Really long and drawled out story, you don't wanna hear). I can even sneak them into the house because my parents know my every move before I actually put it to the test. They might be watching me now >_>...


Older sisters: Rule #1 NEVER talk back to them, over they'll chase you around the house with a mop. Just like in the picture...