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  • Hi there, sorry to message you out of the blue, but I was curious as to what you meant by 'a full time LG'? x How did you achieve that? Curious because it's something that interests me, too, and I'm an older kid as well (i.e. not a baby) so it's something that would probably be more achievable because of that. What do you think? x
    Awww... That's so sweet. ;u; I'm not actually 'that' genki (Crap, I know what that means... What kind of nerd have I become?!), I was just born in the 90's. Y'know, when everything was awesome and the cartoons actually had some sort of humor in them.

    I hope the best for you, too, darlin'. I hope the best for everybody. (Except, y'know, Hitler and the like... And even then I can't be that mean...) :hug:
    Hiya! Welcome to ADISC! Thanks for making an introduction. Glad you joined and hope you have an awesome time here.

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