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  • I've read your blog and I wish you the best of luck, I hope we might be able to be friends you sound really nice.
    jaha read over your times and i hope you can find that special Daddy you're looking for. it's quite hard but i say it would be worth it ^^
    Hey. I haven't been on a long time either. So I'm glad that you're happy that your glad I sent a friend request
    I confess that my friend request was partly to remind me to keep checking your blog to hopefully one day read that you found exactly what you're looking for and thus are happy. :) The other part was because your other blog posts made you sound very nice and interesting. :)

    I promise that I'll stop complimenting you so much after this, I wouldn't want your head to get all big and stuff. :p
    Whats up daddyslilprincess? Nice username by the way.
    Im goood. Just startin to make myself an avatar lol i thought it was about time.. how was your day
    I like to play sports, watch politics(not babyish/childish lol) I like to shop for myself, hang with friends, watch cartoons, listen to music, etc. I think adisc is good, I like the fact that we can talk about this kind of stuff among ourselves
    at least it is just my throat....i hope it does not escalate....soooo....what are some of your hobbies? and what do u think about adisc?
    thx, unfortunatly i think i might be getting throat is hurting but overall im okay...working on some hw and just hanging out on adisc...hbu?
    hello daddys lil tbmoney....ive been trying to meet friends here on are you doing?
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