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    For a baby formula, the regular Similac taste the best in my opinion. However that being said all baby formula is pretty much taste gross as they’re designed for babies whose taste palette hasn’t been developed yet. Similac tastes more like real breast milk, has more of a buttery fatty taste...
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    VR/PC toddler/baby sim??

    There’s always “baby hands” on the app lab for oculus. Haven’t tried it but looks fun.
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    Pampers Baby Fresh scent

    Since I ordered a whole case of wipes only to be disappointed, I ended up contacting pampers customer care and they said they would mail me a $30 card to purchase replacement wipes and find the scent I liked. So I’ll try the Fresh Blossom ones next
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    Pampers Baby Fresh scent

    I missed that post. But I’m sad the original scent is gone.
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    Pampers Baby Fresh scent

    Has anyone noticed a different scent to the baby fresh pampers wipes? I usually buy in bulk and this new case still says baby fresh but the smell is more generic than that distinctive pampers smell.
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    Baby sleepsack/pyjamas with feet

    I’ve just received one of the lighter one that’s like a short sleeve and shorts that zips between the legs. It’s so comfy and was also one of the cheaper versions just to try out before ordering more. They have so many variations that I want to collect them all!
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    Baby sleepsack/pyjamas with feet

    You’re thinking of alibaba. AliExpress is more like the Chinese Amazon store or like Lazada. You do have to wait longer for shipping and there can be some delays at customs but if you don’t receive your product within like a month or two they refund your purchase. There can also be import fees...
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    Spray this on your DIAPER For a Powder FRESH SCENT

    It’s the propellant that is flammable dissipates and evaporates. But it’s like saying don’t wear perfume or cologne because it’s flammable. Oh and your clothes are flammable as well. even those scent strips have a warning because of the concentrated oils.
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    Not to say you can’t break the glass Rearz bottle, but it’s pretty durable, I love the fact I can use it with cold milk in a bottle warmer and the temperature shock doesn’t break the glass.
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    Change or keep wearing?

    I wear one at night and usually wet before I sleep. Then wet in the morning before I get ready for work. I don’t wear outside the home ( this also gives time for my skin to recover from being wet for so long) however, if I’m not going smyehere on the weekend I’ll wear and wet till I start to leak,
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    Prepping skin for surgery - ok to still wear?

    I was a CNA on a cardiac unit for several years and would prep the patients before they went for their procedures. This was on an impatient unit and we sent patients for everything from CABG, stress tests, valve replacements, and LVAD. It was pretty cool work.
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    Upsized baby diapers?

    I dislike seeing people say another persons time is not worth anything. I can assume this process not only costs them money in materials but also their time involved in producing the product. If it’s done well then there is skill involved. Think about what you do for a living and how much you...
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    Milk Frothers

    My bottle warmer heats my Rearz bottle just fine. Sometimes too hot if I don’t fill the chamber correctly, I use a The First Years bottle warmer that uses steam to heat the bottle. The vial is pre-marked for the time your bottle will steam. Works very well.
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    Are Rearz bottles dishwasher safe?

    The glass their bottles are made of is a special blend that can withstand sudden temperature changes. So yes everyone is correct that the only reason hand washing is recommended would be the printing may be affected over time. I hand wash mine mainly so I don’t forget and leave it in the...
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    Ways to acquire diapers without being recognized

    Nobody cares what you are buying. It only feels strange because it’s for a side of our personality that we try to keep hidden. If we were into cartoon bandaids then we’d still feel ashamed to buy them as adults. Thusly we feel like the whole store is critiquing our purchase.