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  • Thanks! Here's one back ;D
    Deleted member 54714
    I lOve your icon x
    With the recent adoption of the new 18+ policy, things have been... different. Not as much member activity as I've seen in the past.
    Obsessing over cleanliness can be one symptom, but it doesn't need to be. In fact for me its kind of the opposite, I'm a walking tornado of disorganization xD

    Seriously though, my room is really messy >_>
    Yeah I do not see as much as cross dressing but still having male many people do. As far as my parents it is not so much that they are more open to it they are just less hostile about t an tend to ignore it as long as I do not insist on being female around them or around company. I think after starting to see a gender therapist here soon though they may legitimately respect this part of me as an official prognosis would validate for them my behaviors.

    Hopefully that clears things up,

    Thankyou for stopping by CutePrincess

    Also merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, do you have any resolutions?
    Yeah, they know. But right now my dad is under the impression that it's just my OCD, and I'm a little afraid of changing his thoughts at the moment >_>

    And I see it now, thanks for the shout out sis xD *hugs*
    No... I still don't see it... >_<

    And having him accept me isn't really the problem right now, I'll need to confront him about it sooner or later I'm sure, but I wanted to finish sorting it all out with my therapist first.
    Luckyyy! I wish I could do that, but I'd be too worried about my dad finding out... even though he kind of already knows about my CDing :sweatdrop:
    Aww... you were a dalmation? I think I was Mickey Mouse when I was really little, like around 2 or 3. I was a Mickey fanatic when I was little... xD

    For the ballet thing I think I was 4, I know that it was before I started kindergarden. I don't really remember much about the whole thing other than being sad because I thought that only girls could take it, and I was supposed to be a 'boy'.
    I figured I'd just respond here :3

    I know what you mean, I was never really competitive either. I used to be terrified to lift heavy things out of fear that I would develop big muscles, as opposed to most guys who wanted to show that their's were the biggest >_>

    My earliest memory was of my fascination with ballet... I just remember it being a 'girly' thing, and thinking that I wasn't allowed to take it, even though I really wanted to... Then wanting to dress as a cheerleader for Halloween one almost every year, but not saying anything >_<
    Ooooo... a magical girl anime! xD

    Have you seen Madoka Magica by any chance? It's also a magical girl anime, but it takes a bit of a darker spin on the genre :3
    Yeah... The FF MMO's don't seem to turn out so well... >_>

    I loved Ano Hana! I just wish it were longer so I could have spent more time with Menma... T-T If you like a good tearjerker, then you should try watching Angel Beats and Clannad. Angel Beats is pretty short, but it's really good, and Clannad Afterstory is one of the greatest (and probably the saddest) anime of all time imo.

    To be honest, I've never heard of Tenchi Muyo O.O I'll need to add it to my list :p Right now I was about to start Ergo Proxy since my friend has been bugging me for the past eternity week or so to watch it.
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