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  • Sorry you got disapproved of. ((CP))

    It's really hard to endure listening to it, but it's got to suck even more to be brainwashed into living as a zombified slave to billionaires.
    CutePrincess, your avi looks just fine in a circular frame. Don't take this the wrong way, but it reminds me a bit of Glinda from The Wizard of Oz, coming down in her bubble, hehe. :) Bunny will return after Photoshopping!
    Yes I know it is not you I am just not on as much as I would like as I have classes, and the end of the semester approaching and my health has been an issue to say the least. Anyway I should be on more in the coming spring summer term; it good to hear from you and know that people notice when people aren't around for awhile. How r u doing?
    if you want to see my intro thread, I posted it a long time ago. Just look on the right panel, flick "Find Latest Posts" and go as far back as you can, there you will find it :)
    i will get back to you on this.....
    Hello CutePrincess, I'm a princess too and just thought I'd give a friendly hello !! Welcome to Adisc :]
    Well I don't mean to offend in any way but I think it mainly has to do with your grammar in your original post. I'm not sure but I think most people will only read the first post then maybe a few others before they decide they have something to add. I think the main problem was you never actually asked the question "Does someone saying 'that is a guy thing' bother anyone?" in your original post. But other than that I don't know, you explained it like 3 times haha.
    Hmm... I don't have any pm's from you, are you sure it wasn't someone else?

    And congrats on ordering your first diapers! I'm too worried about my parents finding the package to order from online, so I usually just buy them from a local pharmacy :sweatdrop: I really would like to try bambinos at some point though, cause everyone seems to say they are really good. >_>
    Yay! I was just wondering this morning how much longer I would have to wait :D
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