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    Recreating Weston Academy

    Heyo! I wish you the best in your endeavor. If you want the script, source files, old pics, etc, hit me up. My e-mail is csfox(at)foxtalestimes(dot)com For the record, you are the 7th person I've seen who has tried to do something with the game. I'm happy and willing to help (without taking it...
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    ABDL Starbound Mod

    I'm planning something bigger and better, but this was a quick thing I cooked up. This is a mod for the Steam game Starbound. You can download my mod here at When you have it, un-rar it, back up the destination folder (I'm not fancy enough yet to not...
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    Typo on mine, the middle combo is 8126 1993 8126 6422
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    Adding you too, heh, and here's me: 1993-8125-6422. My safari thing is Psychic. Anyone need any starters or kanto stuff? I have tons. I likes eggs.
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    I did a post here about it a little while ago if you're interested...

    I did a post here about it a little while ago if you're interested:
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    The short answer is time, the long answer is its not really needed any more. When I started, oh...

    The short answer is time, the long answer is its not really needed any more. When I started, oh about 10 years ago now, I was in college and had nothing but time, I was updating twice a week and giving myself deadlines, it got popular quick. After college, in like 2006, I slowed to once a week...
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    Music Playlists for Various Activities

    I'm a fan of finding whole genre's to get into, and usually I group my music by activity... Soooo here's some playlists of mine, if you have some of your own, please drop them off, I'm always looking for new stuff. Writing Music: (Mostly OST and mood music) I Was Lost Without You - Mass Effect...
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    What did you drive that you wish you still had...

    My beloved truck "Atlas". I have never driven a car so shitty that I loved so dearly then my Atlas. I lived in Japan from 2006-2010 and this little 4x4 K-truck was awesome. No A/C, no radio, clock taped to the dash, had an A-plate because because of the small engine which was a 3 cylinder, 45...
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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Whenever I hear their music I can't help stomping a foot to it.
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    Internet Speed

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    On the subject of Kingdom Hearts (KH3 confirmed)

    Throw Valkyria Chronicles on that list, along with Monster Hunter, both games I love but they seem to jump system and then go into exclusivity. MH in particular is exclusive to the Wii U/3DS right now after having been on PSP and PS3 (although not in the US for the PS3 HD version). Still, that...
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    The ABDL Games / Mods - List

    VX and earlier has a problem with it, VX Ace doesn't. With Ace you can package your game with the RTP, no installation necessary when a user downloads it, just unpack and play. Still only Windows though for now. Another nice feature is that you can encrypt your game files so that tilesets aren't...
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    The ABDL Games / Mods - List

    That's pretty cool, I remember a while back my favorite mod of that kind for Oblivion was the chain beasts. Wasn't abdl, but was a fun bondage device. There was also a Sims diaper mod featured on here for both Sims 2 and Sims 3, but nothing really like a complete conversion adding in concrete...
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    What do you drive?

    Using pic for reference, mine looks close, but has the Ralliart rims and fluted lugs. It's a 2010 Lancer Ralliart Sportback, 2.0L 4cyl Turbo with TC-SST sport transmission (one thing I hate about it, give me manual over tiptronic crap any day). I've upgraded the stereo a bit, mainly because I...
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    Show us your Desktop :)

    My gaming/programming computer. Resized the screencap a little and blacked out my server name and computer name, just cause. I'm a minimalist fan.