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  • wondering what happened/where and why you completely disappeared from the internet, there's barely any traces of any CSFox past 2015/2016
    I see. I was just curious, I stumbled across it a year ago and was just wondering why it wasn't getting attention. Now I know!
    Also, the game idea sounds awesome!
    You're the guy who started Fox Tales Times, aren't you? Cool! What happened to that site anyways, you stopped updating it.
    Hey CS, good to see you here! FTT and your stories were among the first babyfur materials I discovered, so I'm not exaggerating when I say your work is special to me. Keep being awesome, all right?
    Hey there, CS!! How have you been? I hope well!! Got a question for you, but I think you know what it is!! When are you going to do an update of your main site? I keep checking it to see if one has been done, if you are really busy with other things, I am sorry to bother you!! Take care, ok!! ^_^
    omg i LOVE your stories they made me ask myself "is this what drugs feel like?" anyway im just trying 2 say your a awesome writer and plz continue the kit fox story
    Hey, after I discovered my furry side I have visited ftt a lot and can say that the stories and artwork are really good, I'm glad to hear you have plans to continue some of your stories
    =) Never thought you would join this forum! Hi! I have discovered my furryness ever since I looked at FTT. I'm so glad you brought it back. Thanks to FTT, I'm now an artist!
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