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    Nappy Storage

    We have a wardrobe in the nursery with all the nappies stacked on top. When we need to be more descreet, we turn the quilt over (so cute side is now showing) and throw it over the top. Then it just looks like a pile of laundry :D works quite well!
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    diaper wipes

    we use whatever is on offer when we run out, normally pampers or huggies, occasionally own brand from the supermarket. Not tried the adult size wipes, will have to try some time next time I'm ordering.
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    NOT Sleeping Well In Diapers

    Sometimes i cannot sleep as I'm finding the feeling of the nappy is wrong, on some nappies i find it get bunched up at the front and is very lumpy. Another aspect is how i changed, i have found changing on the floor (on a changing mat!) works a lot better than the soft bed. The fit is better...
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    Been Wondering - What happens if you have to stay in hospital?

    A few weeks ago i ended up in A&E, i was not in a good state (super spaced out / non verbal) but was with my carer. We didn't bring a change so they supplied a nappy and he changed me. So i guess, longer term, they just continue with whatever works for you.
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    Tena Maxi or Abena M3

    Hiya, In my experience the Abris work better for my body shape. However, for daytime use the Tenas ability to be adjusted makes a big difference. I often wear the L2 into work and they are fine, not the most discrete but i know i can rely on them.
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    Abena abandons production of plastic backed diapers

    Heya, for what its worth, i have used the Air version of the L2 and L3 (super and extra) and they are pretty good. I'm not to worried about the switch away from plastic, it may even be better for the environment to boot.
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    What are you wearing at the moment?

    Cute disney tinkerbell PJs, and some Tena printed Protective pants with a pampers inside.
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    Your favorite AB item?

    Favorite AB item without a doubt is my PJs! I got some disney store ones which fit me well and make me feel all little and cute! After that its probably my plushies, and then its probably my bedroom / crib!
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    Your own nursery

    Heya, I have a nursery, complete with Adult Crib. We rent a small 2 bed flat in a major UK city, its not cheap (£1300pcm) but its not to bad considering the cost of the housing around us. I am also a short walk away from work. I brought the crib about a year ago, my partner and i have a bedroom...
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    baby bag

    I Always have a plushie with me (it's a confidence thing / comfort thing) so I am always carrying a rucksack. Most days I will keep a change in there just incase (normally a folded L2). When I go out with my career or for long trips we take a specific change bag. It has nappies, powder some...
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    Best Diaper? (manual poll)

    For the slightly larger I must vote for either the l4 (large xplus) or the l2 (large plus). The l2s are my standard day diaper and combined with a stuffer or pampers they make a great night diaper too. They are also much cheaper than M4 / L4.
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    baby paci's and adult paci's

    Pacis are probably not so great for your teeth, when I sleep with one in (nuk 5) my teeth feel different. For me At least, I find Pacis are kinda addictive. After I have had one in for a night I want to keep using it as taking it out feels wired. I also find chewing a baby chew toy super soothing.
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    Questions about cloth

    Hiya, I'm also looking at cloth in more detail again. I use to wear shaped cloth (from babykins) with Velcro tabs for school / uni. I'm currently experimenting with thin cloth outer + disposable inner. I didn't use plastic pants as I needed them to buy me time to get to the loo rather than as...
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    Questions About Overalls

    Hiya, As for price not sure, but I have a pair of denim overalls from and they are very good + cute.
  15. C it really necessary?

    We dont really hide stuff much, I live with my partner in a 2 bed flat and the 'cute' stuff is everywhere its just part of our life really. We have a bedroom each and my bedroom has a Cot, most of the babyish stuff is in there (clothing, nappies etc) either stored under the cot in the wardrobe...