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  • Nice I enjoy playing a bit of everything to but I do like playing Ni No Kuni too

    Have you ever watched any studio Ghibli movies?
    I saw your post on a friend of mine's thread the PSN profile thread and I'm just curious what kind of games you enjoy?
    Little Josue, you are finally an established contributor, I remember I friended you way back when, lol lets become friends
    p.s.-im jealous of your onesie and toy story overalls, but lets become friends, lol i bet you are AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!:):)
    Hi Josue how are you. I like your batman onesie. It's so cool!
    ohh...I'm the first person to leave a message on here! :D

    *sneaks a diaper from your diaper closet while you're busy looking at the first visitor message* :eek:
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