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  • there's 2 groups
    Floridian's Unite! - is moderated, you just have to wait to get added, and also,
    Florida -

    and Greetings from South Florida!
    ok NP!

    The weather is great here in South Florida, considering it's mid-February! I dont miss the long dreary winters in NYC!
    Did you join the ADISC Florida group?
    I am on that group, join it of you havent yet!
    Ok :D i well :) just trying to stay off things x.x i feel like im being "Ddosed" which means someone is trying to crash your internet if you dont understand :p
    Crel. Why haven't you been on chat lately? I miss you.

    Congratulations on becoming a established contributer in a just a week!
    And congrats on 87 posts in like 9 days. (Thats about ten posts per day, right?)
    That means, if you keep it up, you will have 1000 posts in about 3 months or so!
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