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  • Ah I also like Mark Twain! Thanks for the props on my avatar, I saw it once and it seemed to fit with the way my life goes and, well, most everything else! You also said in your profile that you enjoy "tech stuff" and as a guy that is into computers and things like that I can definitely relate. Something that struck me about your profile was your attendance at Cambridge U. and I must say, that is absolutely awesome that you go there. Just a fantastic school with an interesting bit of history, though mainly the fact that Stephen Hawking is the director of theoretical physics there makes me absolutely in love with it.

    Anyway thanks for clearing up the background on the quote it really is a good quote and can touch most of us on very different levels so an extra thanks for giving me the pleasure of stumbling upon that as well.
    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I really really like your signature! Is that yours or is that a quote by someone else?
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