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    When diaper shopping, do you usually go for quality or quantity?

    I prefer quality but if I do occasionally buy some cheaper brands, this is usually when I go to the shops for something, and happen to see they sell nappies (or dummys) so I end up buying some (I guess I just binge alot) but even then I will buy the best they have in stock. Craig.
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    Disneyland: Where everyone's a kid again!

    Paranoid much? I wouldn't worry to much about security, if you do happen to be approached by security then I would think that all you would need to say is that you was changing your [insert word for nappy here] and that it is necessary for your friend to help you. There will most likely be the...
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    YOUR Stash!

    I recently started running low so I stocked up and as of now I have: Nappies: 18 * Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 12 * Some cheap branded maxi nappies 6 * Huggies Size 5 140 * Baby Wipes 2 * Johnson's Baby Powder 1 * Johnson's Baby Shampoo 3 * Dummy's 2 * Teddy Bears (Fudge & Mr Elephant) 1 *...
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    Pushing it in public

    Wearing/pushing it in public really doesn't bother me at all, it may be because I'm so used to it but I often wear 3 Pampers Baby Dry size 6 to school/shops/with friend/generally anywhere, even wearing them wet doesn't bother me. I can even take spares with me to change in the baby or disabled...
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    Plushie pictures!

    Mr Elephant & Fudge Craig.
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    Plushie Trends?

    My elephant! I shall post a picture of him :D I been looking for him for ages and I got the opportunity to look in the attic the other day and after searching for 3 hours I found it! I do tend to have trends; Bears 12-36 inches tall Animals (Dogs, Elephants) Nice spongy stuffing The more...
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    Do you like wetting your diaper?

    I love wetting, I think it adds another level of regression to the 'babyfication process', I don't mind sitting or sleeping in a wet diaper for quite some time either but I do like being changed out of a wet diaper as it makes the process even more intense. Craig.
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    Pedophiles (Poll #2)

    I am not completely against pedophiles as I believe that in some ways they may be like us, I am not saying that we are all pedophiles but they are similar in the fact that we as AB/DL/Furs do not wake up and choose to be who & the way we are, some people may say its nature over nurture and vise...
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    Where do you change your diaper?

    I usually just change on my bed, it never really faults me. Sometimes I do it on the bathroom floor if it's not safe to do it in my room but apart from the lock on the door I find it hard in there mainly because there is less room and everything seems to echo in there and sound really loud. Craig.
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    What caused you to be AB/DL? (it matters!)

    I'm not completely sure if this is the reason why or if this is just how I discovered I was AB/DL but when I was about 4 or 5 my aunty gave me some nappies for some dolls I had and I ended up some how wearing them my self and ever since then I have had all the desires I have today. This is a...
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    hi i'm a spouse of a newly outed DL

    Welcome to the community! I'm not completely sure what to say here but if you need any advice or help I'm pretty sure you will be able to get it here. Happy Christmas :). Craig.
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    Bedtime Stories

    Thinking about it I may be partial to having one read to me but it would depend alot on my mood and not only that I prefer babyish stuff (I don't think most people read to babies, could be wrong) over toddler stuff as my "age" is about 18 months. Also I see Abigail's point that the storys...
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    Baby Diapers

    Oh my god! I am sick of post's telling people to get ADULT DIAPERS when they want BABY DIAPERS! If someone chooses to spend there money on baby diapers and to squeeze into them then that is completely up to them! Time and time again we have the same arguments over this subject. If someone has...
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    Alcohol Consumption

    Well, the times I get drunk are mainly when I go camping with my friends. I generally drink 6 - 8 cans over about 4 hours. I don't really drink often though. Craig.
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    Diaper Size

    Looks like I'm going to have to go with medium, not a huge problem, they just might not be as tight as I had hoped but maybe I can adjust the tapes to make them tighter. Better safe than sorry! Craig.