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    Best Adult Swim Diaper For Fecal Incontinence ???

    Following, I need this
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    Working on a book

    I am sure you should do it
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    I miss being a caregiver...

    There are many babies, including me, who pee and poop their diapers everyday and can always use help staying clean
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    Eating baby food?

    Did it leave you hungry? I eat adult food
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    I guess I am lucky

    I guess because I need that level of care everyday to function, it just feels normal to me. Tomorrow that same paid caregiver will so many of those same things again. I have the freedom to use diapers 24/7 and regardless of weather I pee or poop in them, someone is always there to get me clean...
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    I guess I am lucky

    While I would love a mommy for cuddles and attention, I guess I am lucky because my paid caregiver just bathed me, diapered me, put me in pajamas and hand fed me breakfast before our walk and hand fed me lunch after our walk
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    Near Albany NY
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    I live in upstate New York.
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    Does anyone have a good place to have a crib made for a adult and a full sized mattress?
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    Getting diapered in the hospital

    When I have had to go into the hospital (not often) I come in wearing a diaper and I am kept in diapers. I have mobility issues and my incontinence is a known medical issue due to my disability. The nurses and aides are very professional about it and they always get me clean when I wet or mess...
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    C VIRUS= Diaper slowdown/ stoppage 4 u?

    I am medically incontinent. So the virus does not stop me from being diapered and using them for 1 and 2. I don’t use toilet paper. I use wipes exclusively
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    A bit scared

    She has cared for my care needs in the past, but more recently it’s like she doesn’t see them. Like if I need a shower, I have to ask and then wait to see how she responds. With my staff, I can tell them I need a shower or a fresh diaper and it happens quickly. It seems like my staff pay more...
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    Thank you

    Thank you