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    Hello, everyone

    Admittely don't post welcomes...well about ever haha, but saw you like mystery video games so had to ask what your favorites are?
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    "You make us look bad"

    Sorry for not quoting, the website just gets stuck when I try =/. I think someone brought up a good reason for the comments that it doesn't help and so forth: The impressionable/young. It shows/tells people that no, this really isn't the way you should act if you are AB/DL. It isn't what most...
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    How do You React to Hate?

    Ignore it, sometimes laugh, but mostly ignore because I really don't care. I know ABDL is weird, and don't expect it to be something people magically wrap their brains around and understand. Besides that, other way I look at it. I know about ABDL and the community, I know it isn't pedo or...
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    DLs who become incontinent?

    I can see it being a bit odd to be DL and also want to be IC, just to me it'd seem the enjoyment from wearing diapers would diminish when you had to wear them rather then just being a choice. I can see it from a more AB side, again depends on the person, since it'd have a regressive element to...
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    What is the oldest AB Age ?

    I've always seen it, through my opinion and from how other people identify and so forth: AB: "baby ages" can be a bit all over the place, 0-3 almost always but some will include 4 or 5, some won't. Generally I'd say AB is about high degree of dependence on the parent, use of "babyish" items...
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    Making ADISC Better

    I don't know if redirect is possible, but lock and point to another thread is the easiest way to deal with it. Will it piss some people off/make them leave? Probably, is that a problem? Not really (imo). The other option is delete and mail them about why/link to a thread but that likely pisses...
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    Mostly Borderlands 2, the quest for loot keeps bringing me back even when I say I'm going to take a break and play something else.
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    Rep Rules

    Was/is it long to very long? No proof but have a fairly strong inkling that if a post is long and not total shit it probably is way more likely to get + rep then something short but still fits the requirements.
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    Dr Phil Takes on ABDL

    Never thought about it, but this would explain quite a bit. Especially paired with threads of people who want "ABDL awareness (tolerance, etc)." Avoid saying more to continue being off-topic.
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    Sudden availability of "Diaper Girls!"

    FionaBeeIsabella =p
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    A Sweet & Sugary Hello!

    I'll have to check out Connections, that sounds like a really cool series! Love learning about things like that. The Day the Universe Changed sounds like an interesting name (and I might like the subject I assume it is on).
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    A Sweet & Sugary Hello!

    Hi, welcome to the site. As for a nickname, I'd say whatever or just the name you have now (on the forum). Hopefully be able to find some good information and tips, been a long time since I've been new to AB/DL but remember just how much information there was to learn (even if I didn't use a...
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    How do others on adisc see ABs

    Depends on the person/smaller groupings. I've seen (it is considered seeing if it is online?) enough ABs to figure there are large differences between many. Some do seem like nutters and some seem sane (and some with mental illnesses/disorders (whatever it is now) seem sane, while some without...
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    Nappies in public

    That or found another site that thinks doing such is awesome.
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    Nappies in public

    Funniest statement of the thread I think (I've only read the last few pages granted). I wrote more but I'm not going to go on a diatribe for what seems to be B.S., judging by what started this from a small thread to massive (People doing a decent job of shifting it from some post you'd see on...