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  • I suck at cal.... >_< and Im usually pretty ok at math

    See my problem is according to my teacher I sign really really well but I have terrible receptive skill. So i can tell a long story about myself, correct syntax and everything at a decent pace but if someone is telling me something as easy as just telling me their name I have to practically stare as they spell it extremely slow. I think its because I practice the signs and spelling but I dont have any one to sign with so my skill there is way below what my skill in other parts is.
    Calculus, American sign language, and economics to name a few. ASL is my favorite class though. My teacher whoops my butt every day but man... She is amazing. I went to the Christmas show last year and she signed a song and it was so beautiful... I hope one day to have her skill. =)
    its going good. more exhausting now that im actually doing homework. i typically dont get done till around 8-9ish =(
    yeah im more intresting lazy. specially sence school starts and ill have no time to be on anymore T^T

    I wish I could but I gotta make a good first impression. That and I tend to snore XD
    Lol! If I was id probably wouldn't be so lazy XD

    8:40 but if i go to sleep now id wake up late ;-;

    i always manage to get the dang tart ones in the box. My sis will be like these ones are so sweet! and i bite one and its like a lemon on my tounge
    Yeah their little brains are like sponges, but I wouldnt say they learn faster personally I think if adults were so gung ho about learning language like when you teach a child how to say momma and when they do your just so happy you praise them. If I was praised like that to Im sure id pick up quickly to copy them. (that and I think its easier to learn a language if you relate a word so somthing not teach it blindly like they do in schools) Lol My first 2 words were mommy and Fuck XD the two most common words in my home.

    Almost 3 am?! its 5 here x_x so much for sleeping before school starts...

    I only like strait half & half if its on my strawberries. it makes them not so tart in my opinion.
    I think its amazing how fast children pick things up. Like language and even basic social skills. And how if somthings wrong those first few years it can just serriously delay a child. I have a fascination with how people think and childrens minds are just ripe for the picking ^^ I mean its so cool that if you dont teach a child language put feed and hold it and such that it will die. I mean its not cool the child dies. But its interesting that that part of the brain needs to be stimulated to have the brain grow correctly.

    True. I mean if they can fool a polygraph whos to say they simply wont crack.
    i usually just put an asterisk on either side of something im doing so its really clear *nods* lol

    I like the creamer because it doesnt cool the tea like milk does and makes it creamy at the same time ^^

    Its basically a bunch of mini games that teach you rhythm. For I have none at all. XD
    Actually know what your talking about for the opposite reason. I am fascinated in the way children's minds work. =)
    There is one movie I know that was baced on a true story but for the life of me cant remember what it was but the kid was being held because his family was killed and they kept poking at him and digging until they got their "confession" and then sent him to jail. The kid was interrigated in holding for like 3 days and it was terrifying what they said to him to make them talk.

    Back to young kids though. I know what your saying about kids appeasing their parents and people of authority.
    That actually really makes sence. O_O better sence than I could have came up with on my own anyway =D
    I just thought stuff like that was all wrapped up in the category of text talk. I hate text talk but I will admit I do use some of them like lol, lmao, ikr, idk, brb, afk. just the well known ones not ones you look at then have to google (ha ive had to do that on occasion)

    I love my tea too XD its my favorite thing to put in a bottle. Little bit of sugar and lots of poweder creamer and if in a bottle 2 ice cubes so i dont melt the plastic in the seal of my Ventaire and make it leak. any more and its more water than tea. >_<

    Naw thanks for the offer mabye another time. I ran into a friend at the store today and he bought me Rhythm Heaven as a back to school gift and I'm addicted.
    True but in a debate it sounds silly to say " well you know that stick that goes under and loops around is way better than the one that wraps around and then loops back if your finishing off an edge" lol
    But lately I figure they just helped me find something I love about me. I do alot of lol "grown up" things. I play scrabble and kick butt at it. (my aunt still has me beat though if we play) I drink coffee, and I try to debate but I'm no where near qualified on some of the things I have opinions about so I babble because Im nervous and so I end up looking stupid. Example, I can sew. Like I mean Really well. But I could not tell you what a stitch is called because I taught myself. Im babbling -_- sorry
    *googles what is l33t* oh god ew... Lets hope my conversations never get THAT bad.

    My art teacher loved it. My Jakkie head has a movable jaw and her ears were gonna move but I couldn't get the servo to quit over heating on top of my head.

    I do act younger than I am. I just always have... I call my mom, momma and mommy and sleep with bears, have tea partys and occasionally play in the dirt just cuz it feels so nice. When I think regression its just a more I'm gonna put a diaper on, then some overalls and play in the dirt bare foot until I get to china. Just small things that really made me happy when I was little that I act out every so often. At first I thought it was because I was afraid that my group of friends wouldn't like me if I "grew up" They liked the little kid that cried when I saw Despicable Me and wears rainbow barrettes because they look cute in my hair.
    lol Its cooly I dont think your weird at all. =)

    Im working on getting over it. I have my paci on a lanyard Im gonna wear to school with my pokewalker and stuff on it. I think I'll take my hello kitty back pack in for good measure and cling to the first friend I see XD Last year I got away with carrying a 1 1/2 foot charmander with me but that was also the year I brought the head to my fursuit with me to show my art teacher. XD I'm not sure the more I think about it its not really my peers I have issues with I think its adults and people that have the power not nessisarily the ability the hurt me. (right now im having some peer issues though so Ill have to get back to my ideas on that. Idk. I'm sorry if I dont sound that smart when I talk about things like this I've never been good at putting my thoughts into words. Blarg! *embarrassed* sorry I think the sleep deprivation is making me paranoid.
    I just dont like sour things, if it makes my face go like >.< then I probably wont like it

    See I would love to be one of those amazing open people who frankly just dont give a damn. I'm way to timid and I HATE IT. My mom is awesome and if she dont like you she tells you then walks away and never thinks of them. Me I tell someone I dont like them and i sit on the bed and cry cuz i think they are mad at me. Its pathetic the way I crawl on my tummy back to people who I am too good for just so I dont get a bad reputation it sickens me to no end that I care about how others see me. I dont know if its being a girl in this "you have to look like this and eat that and btw girls arnt allowed to fart" society that has royally screwed the way I see myself in it or if I was just never that kind of person. =\
    Sorry for the mini rant
    Wow. What do people other than youtube stars need a P.O box for? lol those are the only people I ever hear about using them.

    Its lemon cake, yucky. I don't like sour things that's why there is left over cake XD

    Many many things are wrong with me, I am slowly spilling them thanks to this site though >_<
    Its bad and good at the same time but Over talkativeness + Dark secrets don't mix like pudding and nella wafers do.

    (gosh darnit i keep posting on my page not yours lol)
    I have no clue honestly, when I wet the bed I wore depends but I hear here they are terrible so its not really a fair contest XD
    Personally I had the depends and leaked every night and had to change my sheets and sleep on the plastic =/
    Also, Im not sure if its everywhere but plastic sheets are so EXPENSIVE now! I wanted to buy one to cover my mattress so momma wont get mad at me for ruining her bed and for one that fit the bed it was 40+ bucks.

    *gives Adisc and Moo a slice of left over Cake*
    I truely love Adisc I can be open and weird and people love me and say "you go girly!" insted of being like "ew what the hell is wrong with you girl?"
    The white one was just a pattern for the real one but I couldn't resist putting it on ^^
    It was perfect, a bit low in the front for my liking but It hasn't leaked on me yet and I don't have plastic pants. I'm beyond ecstatic. Im thinking of investing in some just in case though I dont want to push my luck.
    I'm seriously addicted to this site I've been trying to get off for an hour now because school starts tomorrow but I keep getting sucked into articles. XD
    *trys to discribe* um... Well its like folding a paper kite but you take the top piece - um never mind I'm failing so hard at describing this XD there is a vid on youtube that explains it really well and I just mimicked that XP
    I dont usually fold anymore though I folded a couple then sewed them once they fit and just pin them and put my cover over that. Id have to say it looks rather nice for my first time. =) I might make one with a pattern on the outside since the ones I have now are just white sheet fabic.
    I love it! ^^ I have so many friends and I've joined a minecraft server. I've gotten great tips on cloth diapers. (kite fold is so so full of win) And so many other wonderful things I cant even put in to words.
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