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  • hola coyote howl.....hey Im always looking to add friends and become friends with people on adisc....lets be friends lol:)
    Sonic Generations (100% completed it) and Soul Calibur IV. Only games I own as of now, not including downloaded games... Sonic Adventure and Sonic CD.. *is sort of a Sonic fan* xD
    Living, loving, learning! Probably just the normal things. Specifically.. got a PS3 so I've been playing that, and doing the usual little girl stuff. *laughs*
    I've been good as well! Though I had some horrible dreams the last time I was asleep, and they are kind of haunting me right now.
    the weather here is perfect!
    summers are crazy hot and humid in FL
    this is a good time of year to do things outdoors!
    - Will
    getting ready for a nice Thanksgiving weekend!
    Any special plans for this weekend?
    - Will
    Hey! Coyote, I miss talking with you! You were so kind when I first joined.... and I've been on and off, dealing with associating myself to this site. But, inevitably, I come back. Hope you've been well!
    My family is big on crafting things. My aunt and mom both knit and crochet and my grandma and I sew. When money wasnt so tight I used to make plushies. =)
    Ill have to take a pic of some and post them here.
    Waiting for a good friend to wake up from a hang over so we can play Terraria XD. Then I'll probably fix my friends jeans. She broke the zipper and since im the only girl my age who sews apparently lol she asked me to put in a new zipper for her.
    The ones taking latin want to go into medical, and one wants to be an engineer so idk if they need it too.
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