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  • Love your Futurama signature. Wonderful show, I can't believe it took me so long to watch it. I began like 3 months ago, and just binged on everything. I only wish there were more...
    Not really, but that's what most people think is fun. I like to be a social recluse and play with my dolls and video games.
    I don't have anything in particular planned. I mean, I already kinda did my fun things recently. I went outside the house today like, for 5 minutes.
    So glad the snow here didn't stick around like it tends to do that. Hate not being able to get anywhere, keeps me from doing anything fun. Do you have anything fun planned in the near future?
    It actually snowed over there!? Well.. probably not as bad as the like, getting close to foot over here but.. xD
    Pretty good myself! Enjoying a nice sunny day here before that snow moves in and dumps a ton on Flagstaff on Wen. Wish it would stop snowing once a week. xD
    Hahahaha that pun made me laugh so much! And I definitely agree with that, school really is lame when you can be making money. But in my opinion, it's worth it because ill get paid a whole lot more later on in life xD!

    And yeah, I finally made the AB one c: is your blog a tumblr blog?
    It's not generalized volunteer work, we just went to the food bank! I had to sort out rotten potatoes from good ones (it was a huge 2000 pound bag!), but I did it with my friends so it was super fun :3! And school and work aren't any fun :c but it's worth it in the end! Just a question, do you have a blog?
    Im a Pre-Pharmacy major! In fact, I'm going to go volunteer today with the pharmacy association im in c: it's going to be so fun! How've you been??
    You know, my dad went on an Agave nectar purge once! I never tried it in my tea x.x! He bought another type of nectar, which I did try, but it made my tea sour and bitter. I had to dump it out :c I really should try Agave, though!
    Really? I've only used honey! The Teavana people told me the only thing I could use was honey on a certain tea I bought, and I've sort of stuck to it! What sweeteners do you use?
    That tea sounds amazing! I had this chocolate mint tea at a little tea place at an airport once, and needless to say, it was the greatest tea I have ever had! I believe it had green tea in it. I can't remember the name of the place though, nor do I even remember the state I was in! It was definitely near New York. You should definitely try some more Teavana flavors, I have yet to try one I don't like! And yes, I guess I do prefer herbal tea! I guess it feels more authentic when I drink it. I also like my tea a bit on the sweeter side. C:
    Camomile is awesome! But right now I have a Jasmine tea from Teavana, and the Samarai Chai tea at Teavana is probably my favorite of all time! How about you?
    Sorry, hit one of those.. times again. Those "ohgawd" times where my life suddenly gets too hectic to handle being on ADISC or something. I dunno. I'm back around though and doing good, hope you are too. <3
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