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  • Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hi to some of the peeps that are coming to the meet but I haven't had a chance to get to know yet. So yep, howdy. :D See you in IRC some time maybe.
    Hey, same here dude, ive been piled with quite a bit of work already, and loads of reading. on top of that my parents found it appropriate to also make me do more work for them. Still managed to get on my bike though :p
    Thanks for the shiny new wall post! I use Icechat or Mirc.... Icechat seems easier though (and looks better). You need to set up the server first before you connect - so you need as server and then you need the username and pw you use on here :D
    Hows things going anyway, you do anything good on sunday or just dig holes? :3
    I take it youll get this when you get home - welcome back to the forums its been 3 whole days (almost 4) *hugs*
    Hey, i might not be around till about Tuesday, could you drop me another pm or text me when you read it?
    Hello :) I'm good thanks, just got back from a little festival last night and am super tired but had an amazing time - I was really wilting in the heat though, a bit worried about how I will cope in India which is sure to be warmer :/ I am definitely looking forward to it, although feeling a little nervous as it draws closer - only 8 weeks until I am off and my flights are all booked in things. Need to sort out my visa and vaccinations now and all the other boring bits! How are you doing anyway? Hope your elbow is all healed properly now? Any plans for the summer? xxx
    Hey Coyote, cheers for the warm welcome,
    Ive been at work most of my time lately and havn't had much of a chance to get on here as often as i'd like.
    Yep it may well have been the same one (Aldershot?)
    i've been to croatia, not far from bosnia and all over the UK too. we want to goto iceland at some point but its a bit on the expensive side for now.

    thanks for the welcome :)
    Aha, I remembered you posted on my intro thread, so why not?

    Just five...let me think about it for a
    Not too bad man, no job, which is a bit of a bummer :X. Got a push bike, so should be excersising soon :D. Do you want a lift to alton towers then? I think I'm already giving Luca a lift so I can take you as well :).
    I thought. I'd give you a poke. for no reason (Raisen?)

    Yeah - there's been shed loads o snow this year - the skiing has been immense! You can skii all the way down practically back into your car in Glencoe and Nevisrange, which is pretty cool - wanting to go out this weekend but have mega loads of work to do...

    Cheers for the message dude!
    i do ride there a bit, and the 4x track is great now, as there was the 09 nps there. and it is now the offical longest 4x track.
    and you should pop down there some time, it is good fun still.
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