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    Mommies and Caretakers

    I met my wife when I was diapered and dressed in toddler clothes at Barnes and Noble. She was working there and kept asking me if I found the book I was looking for. Later, I was back in the store with several friends from college, and she remarked that I looked really different than I had...
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    Diapered in Public?

    I love to be diapered in public. when I wear diapers in public, I usually wear my turtleneck onesie over the diaper and a pair of full elastic waist corduroy cargo pants. I feel very much like a 3-4 yr old little boy when I am like this. I am fully diapered now, and people look at me and smile...
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    Medical Supply Companies and AB/DL

    I had the recent experience of going into a medical supply store while diapered. I was aware from previous experience that they kept their adult diapers in the back of the store, and only brought them out on request. I asked if they still have adult diapers, and the lady at the counter looked...
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    Can't sleep in a onsie

    Its better in the Winter. As Ned Stark says "Winter is Coming'
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    Little Question

    My little persona is quite distinct from my adult role. I become 3-7 years old in my little persona, but I picture myself as an 11 year old being regressed to a 3-7 year old.
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    I notice most toddlers wear footed sleepers all year long, so that's what I do. I live in Virginia where we have hot summers, typically. My bedroom is pretty cool naturally, so its very comfortable.
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    What am I?

    Unfortunately the Land's End full elastic waist corduroy pants ( which are full cargo pants) were discontinued. They are boy's pants, and I got size 18. They are just adorable and so little boyish. I guess that was the drawback for kids fashion is that most boys would not want to wear elastic...
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    What am I?

    I have always had some difficulty with the AB/DL distinction because I have a certain fantasy that I enact in which I am a 11-13 year old boy who is gently coerced into diapers, toddler clothes, and footed sleepers-For me, I have built a very specific wardrobe of clothing which those who have...
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    How to be a 3 year old.

    I like to regress to about 3-5 years old. Right now, I am wearing a Fabine, I have my turtleneck onesie on, as well as my Land's end corduroy cargo pants with the full elastic waist. I think that I need age appropriate clothing to really get into the preschool headspace. I am getting ready to...
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    Any way to "desexualise" being an AB?

    Don't masturbate while diapered
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    I was not a pacifier lover before, but....

    Last night I got to sleep in a diaper, my dinosaur (Target) footed sleeper, my new pacifier, and a teddy bear. I loved it! Everything came together.
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    Bowl Haircuts

    Very cute, toujoursbb ! I have two pair, one I had done by Tom at Starry Ideas. Go to the Website and he has a pic of them. I also love overalls. I like the red! That is hard to find.
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    Slightly weird/gross question: How to schedule a poop?

    Miralax is safe and works very well. It usually takes 6 to 10 hours. It does give you a nice soft, mooshy poop, which is my favorite kind. You don't even have to push, you just let go and feel your diaper just fill with this wonderful warm mooshiness. I usually combine it with a stool softener...
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    Bowl Haircuts

    I agree with you. I really didn't have the traditional bowl haircut in mind, however there are a number of modifications to this really cute haircut that make it more moderate and acceptable. A good hairstylist can work with you to get what you have in mind.
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    Toddler wants out!!

    I experience the same thing, although for me , its corduroy overalls and shortalls. I have quite a collection of both, now, owing to my exhaustive search for some outfit that will make me feel little again.