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    well that's good! i decided i'm gonna try and go to the coast guard academy and play club hockey :3
    hehe haven't seen u around in a while! how's life been treatin ya?
    Ive already pet name if you didn't get the message yet is Lowell. And yeah I will add it to the sig when I can.
    Second edition player's handbook, the one with the mounted night riding out of the rocky valley

    and what is Eberron anywho?
    I just like the classic, more simplistic feel.

    3E-4E is heavily based on miniatures and vast knowledge of rules, and fourth edition just has WAAAY too much sh*t you gotta buy (3 PH, 3 DMG, 3 MM, and suppliments)

    plus all oft adult friends played 2E or even 1st when they were younger than me, so it helps me strengthen relationships with teachers at school

    besides, it's the one my parents wrapped up, no arguments there :p

    free books always welcomed :p
    yeah, i def wouldn't want to go alone, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of going lol, where are you going to college? i was thinking i'm going to ohio state with spenser, or maybe kentucky or miami or north dakota (random, ik, but they're a beast hockey school)
    id love to go to anthrocon sometime in the future, maybe next year when i finally turn 18 and can get out of the fuckin house. it sucks that i cudn't go this year cuz it was somewhere in pennsylvania that was only a few hours away i think

    i havn't really gotten into the rping or writing stuff yet, im not too entirely creative, but if someone else starts a thread on this forum sometimes ill hop on board
    ah, yea, it was the same with me, altho when i first heard of furries i thought it was disgusting, but after a while i got to thinking that it's actually a pretty big part of me; i love the drawing part of it mostly
    alright, send me a PM about it:) yea odds r ik who u r
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