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  • My furryness is now coming from me. Didn't even know I had much, but there is some in there.
    Hi there, new daycare caretaker :)
    Hiyas, Cornkid! Thanks for joining the Iowa "Big Babies" Club! Please feel free to drop in and post an introduction or just come and tell us how you are. You are welcome anytime. Also, if you know anyone else from the area who might want to joined, please let them know that this club is up and active. The more the merrier, right? Hope to see you soon!

    hi you said you had some rp ideas can you tell me about them?
    Hey sorry 'bout leaving so quickly. Thought I had more time.
    Hey if you are still on in an hour or so, then we should work on the teen nursery thing if you're not busy.
    Just a shout-out from New York!

    Nice postings, good luck with yoru parents and all. Hang in there!

    ~ Will
    If I have the sickest mind you've ever read, you've limited your reading severely. But thanks for the comments, and be sure to keep going- it's a pretty cool story, if I do say so myself.
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