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  • Thanks for the info about Abri form x-plus I have mention your topic in my blog post: The end of Abri Form X-Plus White Plastic » My ABDL Life I hope that was okay.
    Four! You sure never fail at making me jealous :p

    How are you liking Cuddlz? I've read a few negative opinions about them... I hope the shipment costs to Denmark are not as expensive as they are to Italy! I wouldn't mind trying out some Drydayz if it wasn't for that.
    Yeah, never left anyone, just been too busy :(

    Well, doing fine, just got some Cuddlz and tomorrow there will be four small friends here for the weekend :D I hope I have enough diapers ;)
    Uhh, you're back ^^

    And, finally, as an Established Contributor :3

    How are you doin'? :hug:
    *pokes* hey ^^

    I've been reminded by another member I've been PMing with that non-established-contributors may not be able to send PMs. Which is weird seeing as we managed to do that without issues till not long ago... I guess that could have been a glitch in the PM system which maybe some admin has fixed in the meantime. Is that the case?

    Hope to catch ya soon ;)
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