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    Documentaries featuring vintage nappies (adult and child)

    The second one has been posted here before, well both have. She got scared about going to the toilet.
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    People with siblings, do you remember them being diapered/potty trained/wetting the bed?

    My older brother wet the bed and nearly got put into nappies and I also seem to remember him wearing one with me when I found some in our spare bedroom.
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    Public pool

    Not a good idea if it bursts and it leaks gel everywhere, someone has to clean it and potentially spend money on a new filter.
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    Lack of masturbation is causing me to want to wear nappies all the time

    I masturbate, usually, every other day. I often desire about wearing nappies if I don't masturbate and don't often wear with my parents being around.
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    It's Great to be a Baby"

    Yeah this sums us up!
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    Reliving your childhood or redoing your childhood

    I can sit through TV shows like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol and not really get bored. Some of the new stuff isn't that bad.
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    Diaper/Wipe/Pull-Up/Whatever commercial appreciation/sharing thread

    I remember this advert! The UK version though.
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    Un-potty trained

    I'm not the OP nor would I do this
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    Un-potty trained

    I've heard you don't actually become properly incontinent and you can regain continence but it means potty training all over again and it can be hard, especially if you don't work from home or are out and about a lot.
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    Do you poop your diaper purposely?

    True that!
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    Wearing Used Diapers

    Just gonna say this, everyone is thinking it, you're acting like a cock, get off your high horse.
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    Diaper/Wipe/Pull-Up/Whatever commercial appreciation/sharing thread

    Why yes, yes I am wild about Huggies 😂
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    Diaper/Wipe/Pull-Up/Whatever commercial appreciation/sharing thread

    I don't see any problems with it.
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    Design ideas.

    Pampers already does this lol
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    How do i make diapers last AS LONG AS POSSIBLE???

    Stay hydrated so when you wee, you get the most out of them, not only the amount of wee but the fact it will have less salts in it and the nappy absorbs more. Also maybe wear like once a week. I barely wear so my stock of about 50/60 will last like a year.