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    Does anyone feel they can't pursue a certain career because of ABDL?

    You can be a teacher, I am planning on becoming an early years (0-5) teacher.
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    Diapers and Babysitting

    I work with children as my day job and often babysit for families in my area, some being from my job too. I wouldn't ever wear a nappy around them at all, not a good idea. First off if they ever saw it, the children may say something to parents. Secondly the smell, if someone smells something...
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    Diapers for nighttime?

    They're not great for adult use, will most likely leak because of capacity and also pull-ups are famed for leaking.
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    Waiting to poo

    Same with me I always seem to need to go around 9am each day, at least on a work day. I don't like going at work but in the end I pretty much have to. I can also go more or less frequently depending on food intake. Sometimes I wish I had a nappy on to do it in there because it feels so nice but...
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    How can I "GO" while standing in front of people discreetly/easily

    You just gotta practice and get past that mental block, unfortunately for me I have a block when someone is standing near me to pee even without wearing a nappy.
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    Admitting it

    Welcome to the community!
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    First counselling session...spilled the beans

    That took guts but I think it's nice as she can get a better understanding herself and maybe use that knowledge to teach others about us.
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    Those diaper jealousy moments

    Perfectly said really.
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    How to hide diapers under summer clothing

    Nappies under a dress in summer are so cute! Maybe go for pull ups.
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    UK Drynites alternatives?

    I love the Peppa Pig designs!
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    How many of you remember your potty-training experince

    Because they’re out and the mother clearly finds it more convenient. It’s not the best for her child necessarily but it’s easier for her.
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    Who Likes Giant Plushies?

    I've got a huge Stitch from the Disney store, they were getting rid of the big ones and selling them for only £20 which was the same price for the smaller ones.
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    How many of you remember your potty-training experince

    I literally only recall using a blue potty in the spare bedroom of our old house.
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    Has anyone ever tracked how many diapers they have bought?

    I started buying them when I was like 13. So that's nearly 10 years worth, I really don't know. But I'd say easily over 5000.