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  • Tbh, it's more to do with just having helped female friends with boyfriends in the past - and knowing what should and shouldn't be revealed!

    Though I must commend your spirit - you're a lot braver than I with revealing everything!
    Hey, if you ever get a chance to measure the diapers you're using, I'd be interested to know how they're sized. Not just because I'm kind of a freak about baby diapers that way, but also because I'm interested to know whether the US and UK diapers sizes are the same.
    I mean the pampers not the jeans. the jeans fit great. btw, its weird i can do a size 4 pamper but barely a size 6 huggies
    I can do 14/16 skinny jeans lol they barely fit though.
    I put up the topic in the group, I'm just waiting for peoples input, we don't really have a specific genre as long its multiplayer and a few people have the game.
    You're probably thinking 9/10 o'clock eastern standard time, which is generally when we start the gamenights. THe start time is pretty flexible so if you felt the need you could just suggest a diffrent start time during the planning prosses, and we would work from there.
    Yeah, GD is pretty darn awesome, they're the reason I started playing guitar and writing sons =) Favorite song by them is probably Minority off their Warning cd. What about you?
    Hi ...sorry for not being in the best condition for smile ... hope you are doing ...
    What's up man. Saw that you posted on my thread "Whats your Story." Thought we could be friends. Also, saw that you doesn't have any other friends on the site, so I though I could be your first
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