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  • I've lived in the UK since I was 9 months old but I was born in cape town and have several siblings in SA and my dad was south african
    aha a fellow south african, allthough I'm dual national with the UK so i'm a half blood lol
    hi sorry ihave not been able to reply until today,but work issues and then i ended up in hospital for tests. got to go back to hospital again 2xdays aftermy may.but i have finally recived my dummy, but was not really what iwasexpecting.i feel like i am being ripped i feel kind of on a downer.but hey life still goes on.
    Hahaha, I know that padded bum!
    hi how are doing buddy? thanx for adding me as a friend, hope to chat sometime, hav a great christmas from babyjj
    Welcome to ADISC.
    Thanks for the Comment. The Boats is one of My Favorites Picks of Dover; Dover can look nice sometimes, its just hard to capture it. I'm glad that you liked it, most of the people that I show this to, say the same thing. :D
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