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    gaia online

    i've been on gaia for I'd say about 3-4 years now. It used to be just general forums with an avatar clothing system, it's expanded too the point where most people that join now, no offense to you if you're willing, are very immature and young.
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    Oh snap

    welcome back, funny I just joined today.
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    When wearing a diaper, little trouble "fitting"

    Hello, as a new member, I figured I'd ask a question to some of the male members of the community, which is most I'm guessing. When you wear your diapers do you ever have trouble fitting in them because your dong get's in the way? Diapers are a very sexual thing for me, as well as a regression...
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    I think he is a DL

    Yeah same here actually I think the best approach would be something like: after he brings it up possibly again, because if he does do it a lot he probably will do it again, I'd say "Well, if you're in to it I wouldn't be bothered by it." Or something along those lines.