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    Seeking Advice as non-AB/DL

    Hi, No need to apologize for length. This is clearly something that is weighing on your mind and you need to talk about it. That's OK! Since you took the time to write down your thoughts, I'll provide you a lengthy response in return :) I am a male in my 20s and ABDL. I have a non-ABDL...
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    Paw Patrol: The Movie

    I wish Canada got Paw Patrol pull-ups! They look so cute!
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    Paw Patrol: The Movie

    I'm so happy I'm not alone, glad to hear others enjoyed it too :D Marshall is my favourite and he got lots of scenes, so I was happy haha ...and for those who haven't seen it and are on the fence, it's basically like a much longer episode of Paw Patrol with a new setting, some new characters...
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    Paw Patrol: The Movie

    Has anyone else gone to see the new Paw Patrol movie? I did, and liked it a lot :D But I suppose it's pretty hard for me not to like anything Paw Patrol at this point.
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    Boys abdl clothes.

    Yes, I have ordered from them. I got a custom shortall. The quality was quite good, and they were able to really put forward a vision for what I was wanting (I'm not much of an artist). The only downside was the high cost.
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    Boys abdl clothes.

    There actually is ABDL clothing available to men, you just have to know where to look. On Etsy, there are sellers who makes custom clothing for ABDLs, men included. You can also find on Etsy various kid-friendly clothing that is also made in adult sizes. BiggBabyBoutique has been quite good for...
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    Goodnites XL in Canada!

    Hi everyone - Just thought I'd share some exciting news for fellow Canadians: Goodnites XL is available in Canada! I know, because I just bought some from a local Wal-Mart. So, if you're like me and in Canada and have been waiting forever to get these, you may be in luck!
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    I need to vent

    I'm sorry to hear you're going through all of that. Here are some general thoughts on what you've said: You are not alone in your exhaustion. Many others are going through what you're going through, especially due to COVID-19. I realize this isn't a cheery thought, but know that you are NOT...
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    Discovered my partner is an ABDL

    Hi DeeplyConcerned, I realize this must be a difficult topic for you. I am an ABDL/Little and have a “vanilla” partner who doesn’t enjoy these things. While I enjoy ageplay and diapers on a sexual and non-sexual level, not everyone is the same. Some people enjoy diapers purely for non-sexual...
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    Diaper Sale?

    Hi everyone, I hope this post is in the right section... I've been doing some general de-cluttering, and I've found a few diapers that don't fit. I have 7 ABU small new Little Pawz diapers that don't fit me but I don't want to just throw them out because they're perfectly good. Is anyone...
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    In addition to various stuffies, I have a large collection of Paw Patrol, Thomas the Train, and larger army toys. I don't have room for much else lol My favourite toys of the ones I have are probably the Thomas Trackmaster toys. You can build all sorts of different tracks and use different...
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    Cute Clothing

    It depends on your price range and your body size. If you are on the small end looking for something cheaper, Children's Place sells an XXL size that can potentially fit, and they have tons of cute clothing including pajamas. Wal-Mart also sometimes carries larger size cute clothing. There...
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    Lego Trains

    I'd love to build a Lego city or Thomas tracks with people, but I don't think my bf would approve haha Oddly enough, I don't have any Lego. I already have so much stuff I don't think I'd be able to fit it XD I don't remember playing with those as a kid (but it's possible). Something cool to...
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    Poll: What's your partner's attitude towards your ABDL side?

    I wasn't sure which option fit better... My bf knows and accepts this side of me, and has limited participation in aspects of it, but doesn't feel comfortable with me hanging out with other ABDLs in person. He is generally not into any of it, but is willing to participate in some milder aspects...
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    Lego Trains

    Yes! Each train has a battery in them, and a little switch to turn them on or off. They've been through a few revisions over the years as different manufacturers have done their own spin on it, which has gradually resulted in the trains being able to climb steeper tracks and generally work...