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    Increase the chances of having involuntarily accidents.

    Yup yup!!! Don't know the science behind all it, but one night before bed i went ape on some fried catfish and woke up wetting the bed at 5 am. No i wasn't diapered. It sucked lol. But i learned that catfish can help with it haha
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    Diapered at EDC Las Vegas

    Okay so NEXT YEAR in May i wanna go to EDC and dress up as an abdl for one of the days. Hecka excited but i don't wanna go alone lol. So while i don't expect anyone else to dress up, would anyone else or does anyone else plan on going next year? Don't shame me about the price lol i work hard for...
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    ABDL Coachella!

    No but I would've loved to have ran into another abdl!!! Keep me posted how it goes ^-^
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    Own Who You Are.

    As someone who's starting to live in a newly cramped enviroment I've been struggling hard these last few weeks to not buy diapers knowing it would relieve some stress but also put me at risk of being caught. Idk but this is somewhat of the mindset i need. Forget whomever cares I'm taking care of...
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    Need Help

    I mean you can he would probably be the most understanding but still might think you're a little weird for 'wanting' to be put into diapers haha but again he would probably understand overall the comfort yoj get with it
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    Just cerious of what other abdl do

    Honestly idk it's different for anyone. Personally, while i haven't gotten to yet, I'm really excited about the prospect of doing molly or getting really drunk or doing mushrooms or acid or something to that effect with a Daddy or Mommy watching and caring for me while I'm in that state AND...
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    Diapered action figures ?

    I wasn't gonna comment but all these guys brought up only stuffies so yes haha. I totally diapered my wrestler action heroes sometimes and he was baby for the event that night
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    Treated Differently

    My Dad found my diapers and spoke to my mom some about them. Idk if he told her WHAT they were or not, but neither of them can look me in the eye or hold a conversation. I've hated my dad for years, so it's nothing really changed there except now we're not talking even more. My mom on the...
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    Never buying Bambino's Again

    My dad left town for a month so I thought it would be a perfect time to buy some diapers online for the first time. When I was filling out the form for Bambino's I made a mistake on the address. They make the billing address and delivery address separate, but only give you the option to correct...
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    Bambino's free shipping?

    How long does it take usually? Honestly don't want to dish out the extra 20-200$ to get it here sooner, but it I need it to reach me in Las Vegas before 4/17 when my Dad get's back home.
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    Does anyone else WAIT to use their diaper?

    Something I've done but never really thought about until recently is WAIT to wet my diaper. Instead I'll just go to the toilet when I have to pee. I love wetting my diapers, and who wants to waste all that time getting up? But I think it's because I want to wear that diaper as long as possible...
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    Xbox 360 isn't working, help?!

    Okay so it was working just fine before I brought it to my friends. When I turn the Xbox on, the light goes green like it should, but it wont connect to the TV nor will it let me connect my controller, but the xbox power box also has a green light. Am i screwed? Has anyone had this happen before?
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    Where to go to find a good "Daddy"

    Now that I'm completlely with terms with my ab/dl-dom, I really want to try to find a "daddy" any suggestions on how/where I should look :)
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    Being Famous

    Would you like to be famous knowing your fetish would probably hit papers extremely? Would you still go for being a musician or an actor of some sort? Just a thought.
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    Your thoughts on Governent Tyranny.

    NDAA Is A Hoax: You Can't Legalize Tyranny - YouTube Do you think this is a serious threat? What are your thoughts on the video? I do, but I'm 16, so don't go just on my word.