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    Goodnites Under Leggings

    Noticeable if your butt is uncovered but wear a long shirt or jacket to cover that and nobody will notice. Only problem I've seen is that its see through
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    Does anybody have any experiences with wearing diapers to prom or any other school dances or functions?
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    I put my nappie on inside out

    sounds like you need a helper there lol
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    Changing Diapers

    How often do you guys change your diapers? Do you have a certain time that you do it, or do you just do it when your diaper needs it? Do you do it anytime your diaper is wet or messy, or only when it starts getting full? If you are a caretaker how often do you change your little? Or anything...
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    Diapers on Vacation

    I would say drink lots of water so you have more of and urge if you want to wet then if you can't relax enough by standing in line just go to the restroom and try and let it out there inside a stall. Whenever I'm having trouble I just try and find a time where I can stand or sit still for a few...
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    [Help, advice needed!] Going on a trip out of the country with my College.

    If you are well acquainted with the people in your room and you wouldn't freak out (or they wouldn't) then go ahead and wear them and if they notice either explain it to them or simply say that you need them.
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    do you put on you diaper this way

    I do if i'm lying down but if I'm in a public restroom or need to be standing then I do it stand-in up.
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    Tips on putting on adult diaper in public restroom

    Just try not to be too anxious about it. Or be too quick about it. If you think there's a chance that somebody in there knows you and you don't want to know about your diapers then just try not to worry. Don't rush through it and there's a smaller chance that you will give yourself away.
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    I think it is good for any relationship to occasionally take a break from their BDSM relationship. Obviously some people will disagree with me, I think as you two grow more into your roles it will become easier to get into little space when you want to, and it'll be more natural to flow between...
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    practice what I tell others

    Is there a way you can wear and change without your co workers knowing? Yes you shouldn't be ashamed but at least now is it possible you can just be discreet about it?
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    So... Can't seem to find, in the Midwest USA

    Im from midwest and I can say that I don't usually find diapers, but sometimes theres onesies and things more like that?
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    Acceptance and first experience tips?

    Just do whatever you find fun. For some people its a harder thing to accept, but just know that lots and lots of people have feelings like this and its better to indulge than suppress!
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    How would you react if you found out your son/daughter wore diapers?

    I probably wouldn't say anything? I mean my parents found my diaper stash once and asked me about it and i freaked out, but we didn't ever talk about it and i mean i like it more that way? maybe im an oddball though
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    Having your s/o change you

    I have and it was awesome. Usually in our relationship I'm the caretaker of her but sometimes when I wear a diaper and have an accident she loves changing me! She smiles and makes sure its all nice and snug!
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    light sleeper

    One time I was sleeping with my SO and I woke up knowing I was about to wet my diaper so I just did it and went back to sleep. I don't think doing that was in any way offensive or wrong. If I woke up and knew I could get to the bathroom of course I would so I would say you shouldn't feel guilty...