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  • Teenager? I hope 18. Please please PLEASE be careful! As a dad IRL- it’s a bit scarey
    Yeah, I tried eating solid food the day after, and it stuck and hurt my gums a lot. Probably wasn't the best idea :sweatdrop: Im glad its over with though.
    Im feeling a lot better now :) I can somewhat eat food now, and as of yesterday I can use my pacifier again, so im really happy :biggrin:
    I go to AlexTech in Minnesota. It's a technical community college and it's art program is phenomenal! I'm mostly interested in traditional art like painting and drawing, but I'm getting a degree in commercial art. I'm hoping to be an illustrator.

    And yes, Minecraft is a lot like legos, haha! Do you have minecraft for the pc? I unfortunately have the Xbox 360 version :p
    Hiya! I noticed you like minecraft :D and doing art!!! I myself love art! It's what I'm going to college for!!

    Anywho, how are you? You haven't been on adisc too long, have you?
    Yes it was a penguin! I had to delete that pic because of issues :p
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