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    Albums that make you go... wow

    Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms U2 - Joshua Tree REM - Automatic for the People Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash B-52s - Cosmic Thing
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    Hi from Galveston

    I thought it was Santa Cruz that had the vampires (showing my age here!) And to the OP, have fun on the pleasure pier, if you can find a place to park!
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    A Problem has risen

    I lived in West Texas for 6 years. A/C IS necessary in a car there!
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    AB, Diapers, and a Hospital Stay

    In a case such as yours where a urine sample may be required but we would have trouble getting it, I would probably suggest "double-diapering." It is a trick I learned when doing my rotations in the Pediatric ICU. You basically use a urine collection bag that seals around the entire penis or...
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    Goodnites Diapers Get Licensed Cartoon Characters!!!

    I saw about 5 packs at my local Wal-Mart this morning. With the profit the E-Bay seller made on these ($39 + $7 shipping), I should buy them for resale! I could make close to $150 profit!
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    Goodnites Diapers Get Licensed Cartoon Characters!!!

    I am sure the target audience for that would prefer Tom Jones or Andy Griffith.
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    Telling my cousin.

    Be warned - you are treading on dangerous ground here. First, you are 22 and she is 16. Regardless of the fact she is your cousin, talk about this sort of thing could be represented as sexual in nature. She probably hangs out with you because she looks up to you, and this may be interpreted...
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    I'm no good at these things

    Very nice introduction! Welcome to ADISC, and enjoy yourself while you are here. Stick around, and you will get to know some pretty cool people. The site is about more than just diapers and babying. You will see a range of discussions, from politics to pacifiers, from diapers to drama...
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    Ever Feel Like Situations Involving Diapers and Baby Stuff Happens More Often to You

    Actually, I wasn't diapered! He just said it out of the blue!
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    Ever Feel Like Situations Involving Diapers and Baby Stuff Happens More Often to You

    I was at REI recently and went to ask a question about a canoe I had recently purchased. I went up to the sales guy and said, "I have a question about a canoe." He replied, completely out of the blue,"Forget the diaper, just pee in the canoe. Does that answer your question?" Talk about random!
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    your most painful moment??

    Hmm, my most painful moment came when I was in the military. We were on a snowy ridge line and supposed to react to incoming artillery fire by running a certain direction and distance. We all decided the best thing to do would be to get off the top of the hill. I went running with the...
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    Howdy :)

    Why hello! I was wondering when her better half would show! I have enjoyed my conversations with Lily and am happy for you both in your relationship. By the way, PG Tips or Lipton?
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    Is this incontinence

    It would depend as well on if it is actually urine. Some girls produce more mucous than others and it can make the underwear wet. It could also be sweat. If it is mucous it will be somewhat sticky. If it is sweat it won't smell like, well, urine.
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    A discussion about nappy/diaper design and manufacture

    My biggest complaint about many of the adult products are a lack if inside leg gathers for added leak protection. Even Goodnites have them, so why can't the adult products have them?!?
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    Leaking when out

    Not exactly a leak, but the solution was similar to yours. When I was in the Army, a girl peed her pants while completing a physical fitness test run. After she crossed the line, she came over and poured a canteen of water over her head and let it run down, but it was still very obvious what...