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    No problem! I appreciate you asking :)
    If the synth looks anything like this:
    You did not get ripped off. The amount of sounds you can make with an Alesis synthesizer is amazing, not to mention they're a good brand.
    The retail price is $540, so I don't think you got ripped off. Thanks for asking though :)
    Thank you for the information =) now I can look into my book for the recipe xD About the Sauerbohnen, I'll have to look. I'm not sure but I believe my mom knows a recipe for them^^ that would be easier than trying to find them xD

    I live a lot further in the north of germany... middle-north. And a trip to Australia sounds great. As far as I've heard from my aunt and uncle who visited the country for some months, it's a fantastic place on earth to be.
    Just curious, doesn't it defeat the purpose of being a "closet DL" if you publicly use that as your name? :biggrin:

    By the way, I'm Desco, I don't think we've met. *Knuckle bumps*
    I was so at Polaris yesterday. 8D
    I went to Tuttle mall today.
    not as nice :/
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