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  • not sure why I don't use this site. Still rather alive.

    I'll be on steam constantly, so if you can add a steam account (that isn't coated with diapers) to an account name which I will gladly PM you, we could chat.
    Sure :3 that would be cool! Also I saw that picture and no, that wasn't me, but it's a popular picture for anti-furry things on the interwebs, so yeah...
    oh god this is even epicer!!!!
    and wait, isnt this moon from zelda?--i just readed others mesages,i did not see other people mesage when i first said this, i played zelda actualy
    I don't think I am, no. But I WOULD like to see your gallery now, I'm interested :p

    Also, I like your picture a lot, and I can't help but notice you play TF2? :p
    love what you did with the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Moon.

    Friend request sent.
    Im still going to be fairly inactive, untill I have my own computer (that works.) *grumble grumble windows*
    I know. I'm having the diaper play after all but I'm making sure not to make it slow. ^^ I hope you will be up to joining.

    And the characters TF after all btw. It's so it's going through each world and what not to blend in and such.
    Memes aren't allowed here, so I'm told >.> Just letting you know.. Apparently it's a rule.. It's stupid, Idk why memes are so bad.. But just following the rules x|
    minecraft multiplayer was just released so if you haven't bought it already than its more expensive
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