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  • Dude we are going to be friends because I live and breath sports, LSU is nasty, im a Texas fan, I was born and raised in Texas,
    i also like TCU, are you watching Giants-Cowboys? go COWBOYS!!
    Hey man, sup? Im 20 yrs old in college, iove football, basketball, baseball, heck i love espn lol, ima cowboys, mavs, and rangers fan, I like nearly every sport but those 3 are my favorite, hbu?
    holy hell, that's sick! I was thinking it was gonna be something close to acoustic or something... AWESOME!
    yea, and they were pretty sweet tonight, but surprisingly they weren't as good as when I saw them in the summer of 2010. The Chariot were once again sick live! So many people got into fights while they were playing, it was intense!
    yea, I love Attila's fast screaming. I'm going to a show tomorrow... The Chariot, Vanna, and The Crimson Armada. I don't listen to The Chariot too much, but they are sick live. do u go to shows much???
    Hey man, sorry, I haven't got on here in ages and I just got yur comment thing. I don't get into too much deathcore. I am the loud rock director at my college radio station, so I do bring in alot of it. I just got Carnifex's new album today. I love Attila, idk if you're into them at all. I'm mostly into just metalcore/hardcore stuff like blessthefall, TDWP, Miss May I, etc.
    Well, thanks! I hope that doesn't happen to your Jaguars... people in power tend to forget that even if there aren't many fans, there *are* fans. Most of the time, they're more passionate about the sport than fans of the good teams. It takes a certain resilience to support a dying or otherwise bad team.

    Again, here's hoping they don't move. Keep the faith.
    Hey. I can't pm you cause your inbox is full. Delete some messages
    heya :) good luck getting your pampers , let me know what the fits like, i was wandering if i should get some and im smaller than u so they should fit :D good luck again
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