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  • True that. I would love for my C.C. to have football for example. We only have Baseball/Basketball/Softball. But hey, it's the trade-off for the cheaper education.
    College is much more enjoyable than high school. Don't rule out Community Colleges as they can save you the big bucks! My tuition, fees, books, and etc for 12 hours are under $2,000. Also, you get the benefit of smaller classes, one-on-one teacher time, and less driving to get there.

    Looking is always fun. Don't let it control all of your Senior year though. People look back on Senior year as one of the best of their lives! Get involved in it. I always said I wanted to graduate ASAP but, looking back, wish it would have lasted longer.

    Glad all is well
    I've always wondered what it'd be like to play tennis but in my area it isn't really considered an activity. Down here it's all Football, some Basket/Baseball, and Bands. Hope school is going well (if you're not done yet).
    Shouldn't we all lol! Not much is new here, just finished Freshman year of college and waiting to see if I made the Dean's list. That and work, work, work, all day long. How about you? What's new?
    I am very fond of music. Mainly, i love alternative music of any kind, lo-fi, noise-rock, that sort of thing. But i see you enjoy the soft gentleness of metal music, and one of my favorite bands is a metal group from Finland called Nightwish, ever heard of them?
    Really? That's awesome. You were, if I remember correctly, the first person to comment in my intro and the first to view my page! Your about me is awesome! You actually have the guts to flat out say you like messy diapers...ON ADISC!
    You're out of inbox space. But to answer you message. "Lifes alright I suppose. And I actually don't have any CDs in mind right now that I want to pick up. How about you?"
    Did you catch pantera's premier of "Piss" last night? It was pretty sweet, can't wait for the re-release of Vulgar Display of Power i'll be grabbing that soon as it hits I-tunes
    Oh it was great, I don't have the full Album been buying a few tracks on Itunes but almost got them all, but Sacrament is by far my favorite album and i'm a big fan of Burn the Priest, though it's rally hard to find it, i'm hoping they start re-releasing stuff
    Yep yep, love Lamb of God, Chimaira and anything with Jamey Jasta & Max/Iggor Cavalera
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