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  • I don't think it will be that nerve racking, im not a luck kind of guy, so that won't be neccessary. Thanks though
    I've waited for this my entire life, i am excited! I've pretty much made up my mind on L/XL goodnites of course
    next week for sure, im going to this camp thing, and on the way back im getting them. too many people in my house who will question me where i went if i went now
    Yesssss! The original Pokemon games are fantastic ;____; I remember how pikachu would follow Ash after you caught him. *sigh* I really need to order yellow! My life will then be complete.
    Well, I have a 360, and I usually play Reach, MW2 and MW3, and I just now got back into Mortal Kombat vs DCU. I don't play too much anymore, though. Just when I have the time and have nothing else to do! This may be nerdy, but I'm also very much into the original Pokemon games. I used to have a ROM on my phone that let me play the full game..but my phone was stolen, and the app is no longer on the market. Mwop, mwop. I'm currently looking for Red, Blue, and Yellow to play again >.> but I only have a GameBoy Advance, which really limits my ability to access the much cheaper, more recent Pokemon games xD

    And you?
    baby powder is awesome, it makes everything so softer and more comfortable, and pacis are soooo sooothing
    Im doing ok, how about yourself? I honestly think I have been in a purge mode lately--BLAH lol
    thats awesome, I plan to boy the new boys spiderman ones in the L-XL as soon as I see them
    I don't need the written part for the colleges I'mma be going to. ;3 Oh and pell grant ftw! College = free, and I never have to pay anything back ^^
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