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    Help please

    I've tried a sample of one, it was up there with the high qualty/high absorption diapers, definitely recommend trying them!
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    Stop and Shop no longer carrying Depend fitted max

    Yep, already done as of a few months ago. I miss A&P!!! :( not that it is any different really.
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    Hello, its a pleasure to meet you.

    Welcome!! And a special shout out too! I'm also from the Soo!
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    Hello from Northern Ontario...

    Hey all, been a DL since I was 7... I`m now just out of my teens :P...but I remember `stealing` diapers to wear as young as 3. Don`t know why thats just how I was. I`ve also grown interested in the furry community over the past few years... I`m always up for chatting...just hit me up! Cheers!