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    Hey. I've been good. You?

    Hey. I've been good. You?
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    R.I.P Patrick Swayze...

    A legend lost, but not forgotten. Patrick Swayze Dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 57 - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment -
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    Sex is like Pringles... Once you pop, you can't stop! sry.. i had to.. it's just one of those jokes you have to throw out there. hehe =P
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    Been to 2 Pearl Jam concerts in CT (few years ago) and I was just at the Blink 182 Concert @ Jones Beach on the 25th.. it was awesome! I am going on October 10th to see Great Big Sea (if anyone has even heard of them heh)
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    1776 David McCullough?

    HaHa.. I love inside jokes! :D
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    Your Cell Phone

    i jsut got this a few weeks ago: i gotta say, the Blackberry Messenger is pretty cool. its like AIM and texts rolled in to one. lol well sorta. heh
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    "no soup for you!"
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    Shuttle launch at 1:36am

    just my luck.. i post a new thread and they give a NoGo for weather :( :( launch scrubbed for 24 hours. POOP! For those interested.. its scheduled now for Wed 1:10am EST
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    Shuttle launch at 1:36am

    For those interested, there is a shuttle launch at 1:36am EST. There is a possibility it will not launch due to weather, but they say it looks like it will launch :D :D :D If anyone is up and can watch it go to: NASA - NASA TV NASA TV has better coverage. No anchors talking, and they stay...
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    Things you *hate*, but others around you seem to love.

    Hey! this is not the place to get all political... but i have to say.... whats your beef with Transformers! hehhe
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    XM Satellite radio

    Its a long term investment lol. Plus you know what they say, the higher the risk, the higher the payout (or loss lol). I listen to it all the time while in my car. I find regular radio has wayy to many commercials. Its so annoying!
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    Your Favorite Gifs :D

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    Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

    Has anyone played this yet? I finished it last night. Its awesome!!! its ingenious how they recreated the game with the ability to switch between the new and classic versions at any time. Even in the middle of dialogue. If anyone is a fan of the games or is looking for a new game to play, I...
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    What do you do when you cant sleep

    when i can't sleep, i usually listen to my ipod and suck on my paci :) I find sucking on my paci helps me relax and zone out then after like 5min im out like a light. Plus its a cool feeling waking up with it still in my mouth.. hehe i'm like "what the? oohhh yeaaa" :)
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    XM Satellite radio

    I have XM radio in my car. Some times i find its like cable. You can spend five minutes going through stations for something good to listen to. hehe On a related topic, anyone own any shares of Sirius/XM? lol I bought some a few months ago and have gained 200% (bought at $0.13 and its at...