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  • Hi, I am in Crossville.

    So, how did you learn about the 1885 Militia Charter laws still on the books here in Tennessee?

    I am developing a new website along these lines, and did a Google search to see if there was a buzz on this topic, and I see you know about them. How Interesting!
    Hrm, need to find something that will accept the memory stick on my camera 0_o.
    I think I looked pretty sketchy with my camera sticking through the barbed wire fence on the base :D
    I accept my comment was immature, and I'm sorry if I offended you at all. I hope this doesn't alter our relations in the furture.
    Pretty sure I'll be free to do it on wednesday. I had actually been able to get really close to the side of the Saratoga once for a cleaning job. Those ships are absolutely massive when you get up to them. I can barely even imagine how much they cost to maintain.
    Well, it looks like the Saratoga is going to be scrapped, and the forrestal is going to be sunk as an artificial reef. I could take a picture of them if you wanted :D
    Knoxville side, born and raised (minus a year). How about yourself?
    The song youe sig is referencing wasn't written by the Barenaked Ladies, it was written by soem dude named Bruce Cockburn.

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