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    being a ABDL looking back in time

    i know how you feel, that's how i use to feel when i was younger i didn't know why i wanted to wear them or if it was right or wrong but i am glad now that i understand it all more now but wish i understood it all back then would of made life a lot less confusing
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    hello im new :)

    Hey Leo welcome to the site hope you enjoy your time here and makes loads of new friends :)
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    well as you can see i am 27 from chester only recently discovered this side of me and just getting into it and wanting to meet like minded people really - - - Updated - - - why is that interesting lol
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    Whats the youngest age anybody has ever assumed/guessed you were

    when i was younger i always got told i look older and now i get told i look younger i just guess that I haven't really changed lol
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    Hey all just joined here, thought I would say hey and introduce myself :)