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  • Yup...people don't realize how easy it is to design and build your own. I've still not had time to sew more...I spent last weekend recording music in my studio, so the next two cloth diapers will probably get done this Saturday. I want to get a stash of at least 5 of my custom cloth diapers so I can have enough to go almost a week.
    thanks vince and there is no snow up here in Maryland, sadly. all the other upper states have at least three feet of snow up there.
    And yes, i do love Transformers movies, especially the tv series of them too. and mondays and tuesdays are okay with me to talk to you.
    bye and have a good monday
    Hi changedlife - just replying to your message on my profile :)

    No probs to add you, good to see friendly new people coming on to the site !

    The weather is cold and bright here at the moment, a little snow, but nothing that lasts. I think the UK has had it's snowball weather for this year :-/
    Am I near Wales? well by North American standards yes, it's about 2.5 - 3 hours drive to get from my city to Wales, but in UK we think that's a long way :p
    I have a good friend there so I visit often. You have any connections in Wales?
    Hiya Changedlife, its me, MeggyGirl! :3 Ive recived your message and its pretty awesome and sweet at the same time. Thank you a ton for complimenting me on my creativity too! sorry though for getting this late, i live on the eastern coast so yaknow how it goes down there.
    hope you get this message too!
    ps in Nevada, do you see any giant robots battleing each other or is that a myth (lol jking)
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